I’ll See You Again in 2 years….


So after years of teasing and rumours upon rumours Twin Peaks is finally returning to our screens for a mini-series in 2016 on Showtime.

The network broke the news earlier today with a cryptic special ‘Twin Peaks Announcement’ on their YouTube channel before confirming David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic will have a 9 episode third season.

There are so many shows that simply wouldn’t have existed without the adventures of Agent Cooper and co; add The X Files, Grimm, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more recently True Detective.

The best news is that the duo will write all episodes and Lynch will direct them all. Having seen the direction flounder in the second series without their constant supervision this will be a great re-assurance to its massive cult fanbase.

There’s no casting news yet but guarantee Kyle McLachlan will be constantly pestered until he signs on the dotted line to return as Agent Cooper.

Here’s the announcement:

Don’t Call Us Freaks!


It’s now just over a week until American Horror Story Freak Show hits screens, and finally we have some footage to share.

Here we see Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars in action recruiting Sarah Poulson’s Bette/Dot. There’s also backlash to the Circus/Freakshow from the locals and last but not least we have a glimpse of the terrifying Twisty.


American Horror Story: Freakshow starts on 8th October on FX.

King of Terror


So today marks Stephen King’s 67th birthday, and still all of these years later he remains at the top of the tree for horror and fantasy novels.

We all have our favourites I’m sure so I thought I’d share some of mine.

Salem’s Lot 

A true trip through fear which at the time was seen as a new take on the vampire tale. It was adapted into a 3 hour TV Movie in 1979.


Adapted famously by John Carpenter in the 80’s, Christine tells the tale of a car with a psychotic mind of its own. Arnie Cunningham is a high school loser who gets the car of his dreams, but all isn’t as it seems.


Carrie White isn’t your normal high school girl, see a pattern emerging here. Carrie isn’t the most popular girl who just wants to go to the prom. Shame she has a crazy religious mother and supernatural abilities which may make here a less than likely candidate.

Pet Sematary

A tragic thriller where a young doctor moves to a mysterious town and finds they live nearby a mysterious burial ground. A terrifying tale of loss, terror and the supernatural.

If you have a favourite novel of Stephen King’s why not leave them in the comments section.

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Firing On All Cylinders


On the same night as the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freakshow, superhero spectacular Arrow returns for a third season.

Quickly leaving the void left by Smallville, the DC Comics tale of Oliver Queen aka Arrow/Green Arrow/Emerald Archer has become a big hit.

Taking it onto new levels the second season really expanding the Starling City universe and made this so much more than the Dark Knight clone it was labelled as in its early days.

We had a villain to remember in Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke and some shocking moments which made the series must-see.

Now producers are claiming a sort of reboot element to the third run, with fresh stories required; enter new big bad Ra’s Al Ghul. The Dark Knight Trilogy fans will remember this character portrayed by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins and briefly in The Dark Knight Rises.

Ra’s is the head of the mysterious League of Assassins (League of Shadows in the Batman universe) and will serve as chief adversary to Oliver this time round.

With some crossovers from The CW’s latest DC export The Flash and a potential new hero in Roy Harper’s Arsenal there’s plenty to look forward to.

Oh and did I mention John Barrowman is now a series regular again as Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Archer. He will surely be part of the story that leads Ra’s Al Ghul to Starling City, if his affiliation to the League of Assassins is confirmed.

Watch this space, Arrow Season 3 starts 8th October on the CW.

Here’s a preview:

Twisty and Shout!


Promotion is really ramping up on the fourth season of American Horror Story’s 4th season, the gloriously titled ‘Freakshow’.

Here we will follow a travelling circus in the 1950’s, with what will be Jessica Lange’s final season as a lead on the FX show.

Premiering on Wednesday 8th October, Elsa Mars (Lange) is the leader of a travelling freakshow which takes a turn for the sinister when a clown called Twisty starts killing spectators and even his own companions.

Regulars returning are Kathy Bates (the bearded lady), Sarah Poulson (Bette & Dot), Angela Bassett (Desiree Dupree) Denis O’Hare (Stanley), Evan Peters (Jimmi Darling) and Gabourey Sidibe in an unnamed role at this point.

Creator Ryan Murphy has told BuzzFeed that he wants to create the most terrifying clown seen on screen before, even worse than Stephen King’s Pennywise from the classic horror tale IT.

If you’ve missed the teasers for American Horror Story: Freakshow check them all out in one video below:

American Horror Story:Freakshow premieres 8th October on FX.

Ready For Raptors!

Comic Con always bring some welcome surprises for us geeks, and it appears this year is no different with Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow revealing the new poster for the dino series’ 4th installment.




















As you can see from the poster, it’s a very simplistic design showcasing the classic version of the Velociraptor which stole many scenes throughout the first 3 films.

In the background we have what looks like ‘Jurassic World’ under construction.

Here’s to the unveiling of the T-Rex in future artwork, Jurassic World is released next summer.



Falling for the Freakshow

No one quite does teasers like American Horror Story; as this brief glimpse of Season 4’s ‘Freakshow’ encapsulates.

Coined ‘Fallen Angel’ we see an ‘angel’ on stage who is being controlled by a twisted looking clown.

The visuals as always are delightful with some haunting backing music, it makes for a great introduction to Freakshow which hits FX in October.