Game of Thrones – Book to Screen

ned stark


In the wake of the stunning events of the Purple Wedding in Game of Thrones’ so far stunning fourth season, I thought it would be the right time to share some thoughts on how the books are translating to the screen.

I like most have been intrigued to invest in the Game of Thrones series of books after watching the HBO series.

At this time I have only finished the first book which I found very similiar in the structure to the series, but taking away the dramatics of Ned Stark’s death in the penultimate episode of the series.

I am told A Clash Of Kings follows the same pattern with the series adhering well to its source material. It is with the third book A Storm of Swords that the books and the series will differ with many plotlines occuring earlier in the book, but saved until later in the series.

Thus the Red Wedding and the Purple Wedding are a lot closer in the book.

What we can all agree in though is that the series has been excellent and set a new precedent in storytelling and literally made the term ‘event television’ its own.

And long may it continue, well until them dragons reach King’s Landing that is.


Jason Resurrected Via VHS



Finally news at last regarding the remake of a remake of Friday the 13th.

It has been widely reported across the web that up and coming Director David Bruckner has secured the rights to helm the next chapter in the Voorhees franchise.

His roots are firmly within the horror but with just two films to his name, 2007′s The Signal and the opener of found footage compilation V/H/S it will be seen in some circles as a bold choice and others as a risky one.

Either way the film can now move forward towards the Friday 13th March 2015 release date slated by Platinum Dunes and Paramount.

Given his background it seems the rumoured found footage angle will now become a reality. Until some stills or a teaser trailer comes online I will keep an open mind about this one.

Let’s face it we’ve already had Jason in New York and space; so it can’t get any whackier, right?


Turtle Power!



Cowabunga dudes the trailer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot has hit the web.

I’m sure it will divide opinion by its existence alone, but I must say I am quietly intrigued by it.

We have CG turtles which we always knew was coming, and it certainly has Michael Bay’s stamp all over ¬†with a building collapsing within the first 20 seconds of the trailer; but let’s keep open minds here.

Although the second turtle movie was admittedly a guilty pleasure (and the one and only time I’ve been to the cinema with my mum) it was average at best looking back and less said of the third film the better…

We will all be our own judges at the end of the day, but I will wait for more posters, promos and trailers before judging further, agreed?

Can Gotham Survive Without It’s Dark Knight?



Since the casting of Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, the proposed Fox series Gotham has had me quietly intrigued and now it seems like they are really ramping it up with casting news.

What we know so far is that Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin and Alfred Pennyworth has been cast.

I quite like the casting of Camren Bicondiva as Kyle, as she resembles a younger Michelle Pfeiffer who infamously portrayed the character in Batman Returns.


Also the casting of Robin Lord Taylor as Cobblepot just looks suave yet a bit demented which is surely the look they are going for. Portrayed as a small time gangster on the way up, he could be the dark horse for best character before a scene or trailer has even been shown.


The spotlight will of course be on McKenzie as the lead but strong support will be needed from these characters as well as others who will be announced as the show evolves, as Fox will look for similiar success to The CW’s Arrow, another DC export, with Gotham.

So let’s wait and see what the first trailer comes up with.

My Meg Wishlist

Steve Alten Meg book


Last night I finished reading Steve Alten’s much acclaimed novel Meg; which centres around the re-emergence of a pre-historic Megalodon into the modern day.

For anyone who hasn’t read it and wants some great escapism, I recommend it. I did notice as you will see on the picture above it’s tagline of ‘soon to be a major motion picture’.

This is no Jaws by any stretch of the imagination, Meg swims with its own two pectoral fins and creates a fresh new story of greed, wonder and ultimately terror.

So it got me thinking who I would like to play the main characters if the film ever saw the light of day; this is time I suppose with CG at its best and monster movies set to be big again if Godzilla smashes up the Box Office this summer.

Here’s the character with their chosen actor/actress:


Jonas Taylor – A man who has seen things men shouldn’t have and is haunted by them. Consumed by his work, he is convinced the Megalodon could live today; could he be right?


Played by: Chris Pine – can do brooding and tormented soul but also can excel as the hero of the piece.





Masao Tanaka – an ambitious man who wants to create a lasting legacy which would manifest itself as an ocean lagoon where a 60 foot pre-historic shark may want to stay?


Played by: Ray Sahatepy – played the infamous villain in The Raid but can turn it on to manipulate Jonas to become a pawn in his game to cement his legacy.





Terry Tanaka – daughter of Masao who is desperate to show what she can do in the water, but also has a soft spot for vulnerable Jonas.


Played by: Zhang Zinan Ziyi – can do sassy but also tough mentally and physically which will be required in this story.





Maggie Taylor – estranged wife of Jonas and fame hungry bitch who will step on anyone with her high heels to get to the top.


Played by: Lena Headey – well known now as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, she will manipulate Jonas, resent him and then gladly throw herself at him when she believes he was right all along.





So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know.

If you’d like to know more about the Meg book series check out Steve Alten’s Facebook page here

Stop Cloning Around!


So the new trailer for the second series of breakout hit Orphan Black hit the net today and certainly promises more of the same.

Just to recap the show centres on Sarah Manning who after a weird incident finds herself drawn into a world where she is just one part of one of the biggest human cloning experiments ever recorded.

Twinned up with step-brother Felix she goes about solving the mystery of her existence and thus becoming more tangled in a giant web of lies and conspiracies.

The show has everything you could want from a science fiction show including a good injection of humour and real stand out performance from Tatiany Maslany which should have at least secured a Grammy award.

Anyways for those of you up to speed, check out the trailer below and be sure to tune when Season 2 begins in April.

Dear Diary



So many shows have tried and failed in my humble opinion to really get what teenage life is all about. Whether it was the rather surreal at times Skins or the dreamy O.C; for us Brits I don’t feel a show really resonated with a majority.

That is until My Mad Fat Diary came along. I know I’m probably saying this as someone hurtling towards 30, but the show really encapsulates a lot of the emotions teenagers go through and the weird and wonderful relationships High School and College bring with them.

Whether it’s your own fears, who to hang out with, the cliques or the dreaded ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ conundrum; MMFD is the closest I have seen personally as an accurate depiction.

Whether it’s Rae’s struggles with her mental health issues to Chloe trying to fit in with the cool kids, or even Archie having to hide the fact he’s gay; there’s plenty going on that certainly makes you think.

So despite the excellent soundtrack and some great performances My Mad Fat Diary seems to have a bit more than that, it has characters you can resonate with and stories I’m sure we can all relate to on some level.

We are only mid-season but hopefully the show continues in this vein and makes it must-see-TV.

Right I’m off to catch the next episode on 4OD.

Be rude not to end it on a tune: