Ready For Raptors!

Comic Con always bring some welcome surprises for us geeks, and it appears this year is no different with Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow revealing the new poster for the dino series’ 4th installment.




















As you can see from the poster, it’s a very simplistic design showcasing the classic version of the Velociraptor which stole many scenes throughout the first 3 films.

In the background we have what looks like ‘Jurassic World’ under construction.

Here’s to the unveiling of the T-Rex in future artwork, Jurassic World is released next summer.



Falling for the Freakshow

No one quite does teasers like American Horror Story; as this brief glimpse of Season 4’s ‘Freakshow’ encapsulates.

Coined ‘Fallen Angel’ we see an ‘angel’ on stage who is being controlled by a twisted looking clown.

The visuals as always are delightful with some haunting backing music, it makes for a great introduction to Freakshow which hits FX in October.


Atomic Arrow!



Don’t worry folks Superman hasn’t been recast; but Brandon Routh is set to make a comeback to the world of DC in the 3rd season of Arrow.

Routh has bagged the role of Ray Palmer aka The Atom historically in the comics.

An unparalleled scientist and inventor, Palmer will take charge of Queen Consolidated, with noted special interest in the Applied Sciences Division.

I personally didn’t have a problem with his Clark Kent portrayal, it was more the overall Superman Returns experience that really flattered to deceive.

Casting news seems to be coming thick and fast for Arrow at the moment, with this another great indication of the depth of characters they can dig out for heroes and villains for Season 3 and beyond.

Arrow Season 3 premieres on the CW on 8th October.



Is An Arrow Aimed at the League of Assassins?



Casting news has finally hit the web for the much anticipated 3rd run of The CW’s Arrow.

After a stunning second season which saw Oliver Queen and co. finally take down Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke, we were left with seemingly a ground zero base to build from.

One of the biggest questions from this Arrowhead is; will we see a full introduction of the League of Assassins and potential new big bad Ra’s Al Ghul?

We have seen his daughter Nyssa, who had a previous relationship with Sarah’s Black Canary in Season 2; but Ra’s himself remained unseen and only talked about.

There is also now the evolution of Roy Harper’s Arsenal which finally reached a pivotal point in the series finale.

Given the wealth of DC Comics that Arrow can now draw from expect the character to come into play sooner rather than later, with surely a link back to now series regular Malcolm Merlin.

Could Thea Queen be trained in the ancient arts of the League of Assassins; warring siblings? We’ve seen stranger…..

And what of Harley Quinn teased so cheekily in the Suicide Squad……

Arrow is back in the fall on the CW and Sky One.


Six Seasons and a Movie?


The show always promised six seasons a movie; and now it seems Community may be a step closer to that becoming a reality after being renewed for a 6th season on Yahoo.

The Dan Harmon-helmed show, a cult favourite was cancelled in May after poor ratings in its fifth run.

Community has surfaced many trials and tribulations in recent series with the departure of Harmon after Season 3, Chevy Chase infamously next before Donald Glover’s exit last series.

There is the argument the show had seen its finest days in the first 3 seasons, with some incredibly inventive and high concept episodes including animated episodes and the infamous paint ball battles.

So will Community now make it to big screen? Highly unlikely, but if the ratings for a 6th season are good don’t bet against a 7th run and beyond…

Everybody Chill!



As previous readers of this blog I’m sure are aware, I’m extremely looking forward to FOX’s new series Gotham which will explore the early days of Jim Gordon and most notably some of the Dark Knight’s most well known villains.

Batman, who is celebrating his 75th birthday this year will not figure too much in Gotham it seems, but maybe with news today Mr. Freeze might.

Director Danny Cannon has spoken out saying he would love to introduce a more serious origin tale for Dr. Victor Fries aka Mr Freeze.

The character was famously smashed into tiny ice blocks with Arnold Schwarznegger’s portrayal in the woeful Batman & Robin in 1997; and hasn’t graced the big screen or even been considered since.

In this post-Dark Knight era maybe now is the time to re-integrate Freeze into Gotham city, and give a potentially brilliant character justice.

This of course as well as a good story, would require some good casting (please don’t apply Arnie).

It may all end in icy heartbreak, but given Poison Ivy and The Riddler are getting a second chance to make their mark; why not Mr. Freeze?

In A Galaxy Not So Far Away….



Every summer we have a blockbuster released which takes everyone by surprise and becomes the big hit.

Marvel have previous in this area with Iron Man all them moons ago becoming a smash hit and in turn making Robert Downey Jr. hot property in Hollywood again.

Enter the boldly titled Guardians of the Galaxy, another Marvel vehicle which looks their boldest move to date.

It looks to be Marvel’s first film of the huge project which will mash the Avengers bunch and characters from this film and upcoming titles such as Ant Man together for one giant franchise; that will be set completely in space.

The Thor films seem to be the closest we have come so far with their flipping from Asgard to Earth.

Casting is also key with potential next big thing the now slim-line Chris Pratt aka Peter Quill or Star Lord as he has coined himself taking the lead. Having stepped out of the shadows with this and next year’s Jurassic World, Pratt is hot property right now and his character if the trailers give us any clues has a bit of Han Solo in him.

And we haven’t even got to the Rocket Raccoon yet. In what could be GOTG’s secret ¬†weapon, Bradley Cooper voices the mini menace who alongside Groot (a talking tree voiced by Vin Diesel) could be the new R2D2 and C3PO.

Director James Gunn has previous in the super hero sub genre with the excellent and underrated Super (2010), and can play it tongue in cheek as in 2006’s Slither.

Now if you aren’t sold already, Star Lord loves a bit of Blue Swede’s Hooked on a Feeling (famously covered by David Hasselhoff); what’s not to like?