Boxercise, Italian Chicken and the Real American

Well hello,

And welcome to my first blog on WordPress, if you don’t know by now my name is Paul Downey, I’m 25 years old and I live in the hallowed grounds of Crackley Bank in Stoke on Trent.

After reading an old blog from my now redundant MySpace account, I decided to give blogging another shot as I find it quite theraputic to tell the world about the goings on in my life.

So today is Sunday and quite has unlike most sundays (which are spent holed up with a dizzy head) I was up at the stupidly early hour of 8am for my first class of Boxercise down Kidsgrove gym with Phill. I did expect the class to be slightly intense at first and then I would ease into it, but I was shattered after about 20 minutes. It was fun mind including my pathetic attempt to skip for 1 minute, there was some good circuit training and even a little pad work (it is Boxer-cise after all).

After a couple of hours of recovery and porridge (suprisingly nice) I ventured up town with my friend Mark, and picked up a couple of shrewd buys from HMV and Game. I got Tony Wilson’s book from HMV for £4 chronicling his days at Factory records and beyond. Unfortunately Tony lost his battle with cancer a couple of years ago, he was immortalised to max though (played by Steve Coogan) in the film 24 Hour Party People which is a masterpiece and the sound track is good to boot.

To round off the HMV spending I picked up a film I saw a while back called Trick R Treat which is similiar in vain to Creepshow as it is simmultaneous stories in a town on Halloween night which come together very cleverly. If you haven’t seen it yet I would strongly recommend it, although it may be more appropriate to purchase it around October time plus it may be cheaper in price by then so win-win i suppose.

The other purchase was from Game, the Legends of Wrestlemania for £9.98, as I don’t watch wrestling anymore my fondest memory are from the timeline which involved Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior and Jake the Snake Roberts, so who was I to turn down a good nostalgia trip at that price!

I must say I have already had four bouts and it is bloody difficult, either that or I’m just a bit crap either way it was worth getting.

Afterwards we headed to the Polite Vicar for a bit of late dinner, I had this Italian Chicken in Tomato and Basil sauce and it was very nice. I am little skeptical of pub food as I have known people who worked in these places and they even say it is straight out of the microwave, but if this was out of microwave I’d love to have the oven cooked version!

Next week is a big week for me as I have lined up two job interviews in two different areas of the country, Birmingham and Altrincham.

One is Wednesday then the other is Thursday, so I am hoping and praying that all goes well weather as it snowed a little earlier, and I can get to and fro with no hickups.

I have done a little research on both posts, and I feel I could do well in either role but who knows they could hate me or I could make a crap joke in the interview to put them off. For no reason in particular I quietly confident that both or at least one goes well and then hopefully I can get on the first run of the ladder with regards to my journo career.

With regards to the journo side of things, I have been frozen out for now 4 weeks (most likely 6 at this rate) on the trot by the weather with no signs of it improving. With Premier League games biting the dust the Non League has no chance, so blogs such as this keep me busy in times when I could be writing.

I am still continuining to submit articles to Football Focus, Club Rugby and Boxing News but I am yet to hear from the Editors this year so I may send out an e-mail tomorrow to see if they have any assignments outstanding.

I am also currently 3/5 of the Norman Mailer book The Fight which chronicles in such vivid detail the now infamous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. It is an absolute must for any fan of the sport, as it is so gripping and opinonated that you feel like you are there with the author. In a total change of direction, after this I have Frankie Boyle’s book ‘My sh*t life so far’ to read which I am hoping will provide some chuckles.

I shall keep you posted on the job interviews situation.



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