What’s that coming over the hill….Two Door Cinema Club, and the return of the pound for pound king?

Hello all and welcome along to my blog,

It’s been quite a while since my last post, so I thought it would be polite to update the world on my life.

Low and behold I did not get the jobs I went for in Birmingham and Altrincham, not enough experience etc.

Luckily the weather has improved so I have got a few games in for The Sentinel (www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/sport) (plug plug plug 🙂 ) including a cracking local derby between Kidsgrove and Leek Town (5-2 Grove won) and Congleton vs Maine Road last Saturday which ended up as 5-3 to Congleton.

Saturday takes me to the car garage first to book it in for repairs, I was warned and failed to listen about the irritating side of having my own wheels, luckily its still under warranty so hopefully be okay soon. Then it’s off to Stone Dominoes again for what seems like the third weekend out of five as they entertain Staffs County League opponents Foley who hammered Doms’ rivals Leek CSOB away in the last round of the cup.

On the book front I managed to finish ‘The Fight’ by Norman Mailer which was superb, as I said before the attention to detail and just the whole thing was an enriching experience to read. Since then I have finished Frankie Boyle’s book which plays out as an prolonged stand-up routine in print of his life, with experiences ranging from the downright bizarre to laugh out louds moments.

I’m currently half way through the biography of Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, its pretty good so far but I thought the Mode were weird before I read this and this has only enhanced that belief with some of the bizarre tales  going on in there, and we haven’t even got to Gahan’s crack cocaine addiction yet.

As that brings us round to music I am currently listening to the Two Door Cinema Club album which is just indie pop magic at the moment, very accessible. I’ve also finally got round to getting the Delphic album after hearing ‘Halycon’ on the radio the other day (Tune by the way), and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s latest offering ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’ which is receiving mixed reviews in the press and prolongs my thinking about seeing them on tour next month. I have seen them twice already in 2002 and 2005 and both times was electric so I am hoping the third time won’t taint it for me.

I also pulled another coup this week (in my opinion anyway) securing an interview with Nightmare on Elm Street remake Director Samuel Bayer through persistent nagging of his management. Hopefully I will get a reply some time next week, and if all goes to plan it will be the cover story for Gorezone Magazine (www.gorezone.co.uk) in May (the film opens in the UK May 7th)

This weekend is another busy one with a gig later on tonight at the Sugarmill in Hanley, The Automatic of ‘Monster’ fame quite a while ago, I am going with an open mind and who knows may ‘discover’ a decent support band to boot which is always good. It happened last year as a certain Delphic supported the Friendly Fires in Liverpool.

The early hours of Sunday morning brings the first big night of boxing of the year, as Manny Pacquiao takes on Joshua Clottey. Originally it was to be the battle of the Pound for Pound Kings with Pacman tackling the skilful Floyd Mayweather, but after Mayweather’s request for Olympic style drug testing the Philipino decided against the contest. It should be decent anyway although I expect Pacquiao to stop him between the fifth and the seventh even though Clottey has never been stopped. In his last fight a close decision defeat to Pacquiao victim Miguel Cotto, Clottey was floored for the first time in his career so maybe his punch resistance is starting to wane, and against someone as quick as Manny it could be an early night for him.

I think that about wraps it up.

Until next time,


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