Social Media, Paintballing and working at a Music Label

Hello again,

Apols for the lack of update over the past week, but it has been a quiet one in fairness.

It is strange going for a job there as I covered one of their Showcase events in the summer of 2007 at Victoria Hall which was very good, but I can recall descending into a riot afterwards which was quite amusing at the time.

The magazine I was covering the event for, the now defunct Unsigned Magazine seemed to have plenty of potential but as the recession loomed I just don’t think there was the funding out there for such a project to continue.

The most disappointing aspect of the night was not getting to meet and interview guest DJ Andy Rourke (of The Smiths), I know The Smiths are very marmite in musical terms but despite the depressing lyrics they did some superb indie pop songs (The Boy With A Thorn In His Side is my alarm clock in the morning).

Last night I was down Newcastle Town to see them avenge their only league defeat of the season to Bacup Borough, not a bad game but the weather was shocking.

Heres a link to the report on NLN24:

On Saturday I made the jaunt to Eccleshall to see them beat AFC Blackpool with a stoppage time own goal. The game itself wasn’t a classic by any means, but the banter or just plain arguing between Eccleshall Manager Dave Dale and the Blackpool Manager was comedy gold. I really wish I could have recorded it, as I was stood between the dugouts and lost my composure and couple of times just bursting into laughter, I suppose a bit of passion never hurt anyone in football.

Heres the report from The Sentinel:

Saturday night was spent watching the farcical Heavyweight Title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and ‘Fast’ (Maybe fat would have been more appropriate) Eddie Chambers. An unimpressive Wlad (how many times have reporters said that in his tenure) KO’d Chambers with around 10 seconds left in the 12th.

The most comical bout had to be that of Michael Sprott who stopped a nobody from Germany in 58 seconds. He will now fight Audley Harrison for the European Heavyweight title next month, in a repeat of their fight in 2007 which Sprott won by KO in the 3rd.

I only realised this week too that it is just two weeks away from going to see the Hayemaker David Haye defend his WBA Heavyweight title in Manchester against John Ruiz. It seems like a year ago we got tickets, and with fights being added to the undercard all the time it promises to be cracking event.

I have also used some of my spare time to familiarise myself with more social media and bookmarking sites and applications. As I recently went for a job where I didn’t have enough experience to get the position, it does seem like an integral part of being a writer because you can get your articles to a wider audience.

I think this is all the ones I’ve joined off the top of my head:

Bebo, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Newsvine, Diggit and LinkedIn.

I also got some great news last week, as I passed my NCTJ Media Law Distance Learning Course with a Grade C. It has taken me a while to do the modules but I am glad to get them out of the way.

The next one I am planning to do is the Portfolio, as I have a pretty broad range of articles which just need letters from editors proving they are mine.

I have also signed for paintballing with a few lads I know on April 11th which should be different. I’ve never been before so I am expecting a painful experience, although I hope being a goalkeeper will help as I have been hit everywhere with a football at high speeds alot.

This weekend I am going to the Full Moon to watch a charity gig (I think it’s for cancer) which should be fun. It’s only  a covers band but I suppose the night is what you make of it.

I’m liking the Courteeners album Falcon at the moment, having finally managed to listen to it a bit more, definitely a grower.

The new Yeasayer song O.N.E, is a cracker too I heard it on Radio 1 the other day and thought I’ll take a chance and buy the album off the basis of one (something I never do usually).

I managed to finished the biography of Dave Gahan ( which was quite good although not very in depth.

It lead me to buy the Devotional dvd ( one for the fans certainly but despite Gahan’s heroin addiction, shows the band at the height of their powers. Songs of Faith and Devotion is a personal favourite, mainly because of its rockier and raw edge to it.

I’ve now moved on to Hitman: the Thomas Hearns story ( which is a cracking read so far, I am up to the point where he is set to fight Sugar Ray Leonard for the first time.

Hearns was part of in my eyes and many others the  most brutal fight ever between himself and Marvin Hagler in 1985. For three rounds they knocked each other to hell and back with Hagler stopping Tommy. I’m sure the clip is on youtube, but a definitive look at the four kings as they were known Hearns, Hagler, Leonard and Robert Duran is on a dvd called the Fabulous Four which documents all of their fights between each other in the 80s.

Well I think I’ve ranted for long enough, I will post again next week with an account of my two days at SONS.

Til next time,



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