The Hayemaker, a Feast and a night at the Palace

Hello again everyone,

Apologises for the lack of posting over this week , but hopefully this will make up for it.

Its been quite an interesting week so far, obviously starting off with a weekend trip to see David Haye vs John Ruiz in Manchester at the MEN Arena. First of all, what an atmosphere, the roof almost came off as Haye walked to the ring to ‘Aint to stopping us now’ (an Ipod favourite btw)

Haye always seems to enjoy the spotlight and that night was no different, with a brutal beating which including four knockdowns in nine one-sided rounds, also a couple of punches behind the head but he apologised for them so fair enough.

I only heard the state of Ruiz yesterday as Haye was on Studio Five with Ian Wright and co, according to David he has a broken jaw, cheekbone, nose and some damage to his ear drum. I think its safe to say he should retire, at 38 he has had many world title fights and made a good living from the sport, but no one wants to see someone get seriously hurt like Michael Watson and Gerald McClennan did.

The night out after hit the buffers a couple of times because of my brother’s dress code which included some pretty loud Nike trainers which alot of bouncers took an exception to. We did end up finding a pretty cool bar on Broad Street after a little walk called House 9 which did this cracking bottled beer called Azzurri or something along them lines, tasted similiar to Peroni.

After a self imposed beer bar for around four weeks I was a tad delicate the next day, a pattern which would carry on right through Monday. It wasn’t so much a hangover but just feeling generally dizzy. Anyways I can’t complain no forced the drink on me so I reap the consequences.

A picked up a new horror series this week called Feast, I’d heard about them after reading about Wes Craven’s involvement in the series and thought they would be worth a punt. The first as is always true of series’ is by far the best as it combines horror and comedy really well, but the second film was just plain bizarre and shocking in some parts. I did read somewhere that it was a series that dared to do what other didn’t, in that sense they are correct as in one scene a man holding a baby is chased by these monsters. We don’t actually find out what these things are which at first is intriguing but by the second film you would like some explanation, anyways the man throws the baby to the  monsters to save himself which did raise a sly chuckle.

Anyway as they go on they get more bizarre and more out there, god knows what the writers were taking when they wrote the scripts.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the Samuel Bayer responses back for the feature for Gorezone, so we have had to go with the Clancy Brown one for the Nightmare on Elm Street issue. It is a little disappointing that the PR Agency handling Mr Bayer couldn’t get anything back within a month, if they couldn’t help they should have just said to begin with.

Thats done now no hard feelings I still got one feature in there, I also did an article for a cult website called Shadowlocked this week – a top 10 of Sci Fi/Horror series Supernatural, heres the link:

I did get a call out of the blue on Tuesday as well, from Danny Flexen one of the writers at Boxing News to tell me that I had won ringside seats to the Audley Harrison vs Michael Sprott today. I only entered the competition half heartedly, but everyone loves to win things so I managed to get a cheap hotel for the night nearby, so me and the brother are back on the road for the second weekend running.

The fight is at Alexandra Palace which is one of the venues I have always wanted to go, a couple of friends of mine have been see the darts there and have spoke highly of it. A part of me does hope Audley does win tonight because it would be a fairytale story after a lacklustre career for him to finally get his craved world title shot. Whether he would be successful is another matter altogether.

I have got a game down Kidsgrove tomorrow afternoon so I will have to be back in Stoke pretty sharpish tomorrow, so looks like an in and out job. It should be a good experience anyway, who knows I may even get on the telly (fingers crossed) and meet a couple of celebs (Danny Williams should be there lol).

On the book front I have managed to get right into Mark E Smith from the Fall’s book called Renegade. Its basically his life story but he tells it in such a candid way, its just hilarious. Its like reading the memoirs of the local drunk who is also a successful musician.

I have an hour and a half to kill on the train to Euston in a short while so it should keep me in good stead.

I went to Birmingham yesterday for a job interview through this graduate scheme who sorted the music label gig out for me, at a company called Redbox limited. Cut a long story short I didn’t get the job, but again I do stress that what they asked me experience wise was things you will already know if you read my CV. They did offer me a freelancing role though which could earn some extra dough, whether or not they were humouring me I suppose is another question.

Sunday promises to be another exciting day as I am going paintballing for the first time down Clayton, I am expecting some serious pain but hopefully it will be a laugh as well. I really don’t know what to expect but I suppose that is half the intrigue of it.

Anyways time to pack for London, hopefully I will have some stories and possibly a couple of pics from there up some time next week

Have a good weekend,



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