A trip to the North East, reviewing music and impulse buying

Hello again,

Apologises for the delay in posting an update, but its been pretty quiet really.

I have just arrived back in Stoke, after spending a couple of days in my second home in Newcastle upon Tyne to go see a gig and generally do something different.

It was a bit of rush around on Saturday as I was covering Newcastle Town, who were presented with the Vodkat Premier trophy, and I was scheduled to be on a train around an hour after the game ended. Cut a long story short I made it, and wrote my report on the train, and just about managed to get to the old man’s house for the start of the Carl Froch – Mikkel Kessler fight.

It was an excellent fight, but I have to say I was a little disappointed in Froch, not because he lost but the lack of urgency in his work until the later rounds where I had him down at least 3 rounds and needing a knockout to win. Everytime Froch backed Kessler up, he didn’t know what to do with him as he cannot fight on the back foot, and would certainly struggle against someone as fast as say Andre Dirrell, another Super Six contender.

Sunday was a fairly mellow affair with some much needed retail therapy in the Town Centre. I managed to pick up some bargains, like This Is Spinal Tap 3 disc edition for £8 and Aliens for £3, and some clothes to go out in later.

After popping over my uncle’s to meet my cousin Nicky to go see the gig, there was a bizarre incident as he claimed he had lost his ticket at the bus station. At first I thought it was a windup, but it wasn’t and after retracing our steps he found the ticket on the floor in a street down the road completely untouched. Baffled wasn’t the word, but he must doing something right to the man upstairs.

The gig itself was at o2 academy near the train station, with indie-pop band Ash who have just released a singles compilation. It is kind of fitting as Ash are singles specialists, with many cracking tracks in their back catalogue. Also a couple of their albums were soundtracks to my life a few years back, with Free All Angels being one of my favourites in college, and Meltdown being the only CD i took on holiday with me to Zanti in 2004.

Ask anyone who goes gigs what the best bit is, and most will tell you: the mosh. The best kind of gigs are the ones with atmosphere and the mosh, I really despise bands who have people waving lighters in the air to their songs. That’s probably just a personal preference I suppose.

The new material including the excellent Arcadia and Joy Kicks Darkness went down a treat, although I was little gutted they didn’t play Clones one of my personal favorites.

I have also started doing reviews for a music website, Soundblab.com, which is something different which I am really enjoying at the moment. I am getting to listen to some new acts, some good, some bad but its refreshing.

They also offer the chance to get on the guest list for gigs round the country, so hopefully I can get some good shows on the cheap in the coming months.

I was pretty gutted last week as I had to turn down the offer to attend a screening of A Nightmare on Elm Street in London, mainly due to the money issue.

I did manage to get another article published too, on the movie website obsessedwithfilm.com, as I re-wrote my Q&A article with Clancy Brown about the Nightmare remake.

I am quite enjoying currently writing about films and music, which as well as sport are areas I have some knowledge so I think it could be extremely beneficial for my CV and portfolio. It may also open some more doors for the elusive full time media job.

I think that about covers it.

Til next time.



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