Alton Towers, 3D action (or lack of), money, political stances and the season’s curtain call

Hello again everyone,

Been a slow one this week thus far.

But I did manage to get myself to the cinema for the first time in a long while last night, to see Clash of the Titans in 3-D. I have to say despite the lack of originality I do like the odd 3-d flick, plus as a horror fan some films are just made for it.

This wasn’t the case with Clash, which I found very interesting as I know very little regarding Greek mythology but the 3-d was not essential by any means.

There was some fantastic scenery and landscapes used for the film, really breath-taking which I suspect were in New Zealand or possibly Costa Rica that both have lands made for film.

So to cut it short, the story was excellent and I fully expect a sequel with possibly more high octane action scenes, but leave the 3-d out next time please.

While were on films, its the opening another film to catch my eye this week, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

I have to say I have been very impressed with the marketing campaign for the film, which has gone into overdrive over the past month or so, with promotions beforehand being very fleeting but still enough to catch my attention.

I am very intrigued into Jackie Earle Haley’s take on Freddy Krueger, as he keeps preaching to interviewers that the character is more serious and darker than what become almost a circus-freak character portrayed by Robert Englund in the later sequels.

Don’t get me wrong Englund’s portrayal in the first three films (yep even Nightmare 2 which everyone hates) is excellent, but it just got too campy after that.

While were on Englund, I do recommend his autobiography Hollywood Monster, it is an excellent read which gives a fascinating insight into the Hollywood system and the Nightmare films.

I have also decided to vote this year in the General Election, although I am not sure who for yet. I am going to have a look at what each parties’ main policies are and then make an informed decision. The family would like me to vote Labour, as a tradition but if I do I will do it because I believe they are the right party to vote for.

I have to say none of the candidates have anything redeeming about them, as a distant observers, enough has been said of Brown, but Cameron just appears very slimy and Nick Clegg – out of his depth.

Anyways, this weekend bring a close to my football season on the local beat. At this time I am unsure whether I will be required to work a game as all the major decisions, whether it be playoffs, promotion and relegations have all been decided.

I was at Stone Dominoes on Saturday just gone, for a thriller where they came back from 2-0 down to beat AFC Blackpool 5-2. There was a bizarre incident at the game, as the second half was delayed by over 20 minutes because one of the linesmen pulled up injured and a replaced had to be sought. Only at my game typical.

I have recently read that Stone won their final game of the campaign to be crowned champions, which sets up a few more local derbies for them next term at Alsager and Congleton which should be interesting.

Tomorrow is a trip to Alton Towers, which will go one of two ways. As some people know I am not the biggest fan of amusement parks, as I don’t really do heights or rollercoasters, but I am willing to put that to one side tomorrow and hopefully just enjoy it.

To paint a picture I am usually the one left holding people’s phones and coats as they go on say the Pepsi Max or whatever. Its also pot luck with the weather (sorry to become generically British and talk about the weather) but obviously excusing the cliche it could put a damper on the day if it chucks it down.

We’ll see anyway, I shall be going with an open mind and a rain coat just in case.

With regard to my musical tastes, I have being really liking the sounds of Passion Pit at the moment. I know the album was released last year, but it just has such a fresh sound it has kept me interested.

I did review another potential gem for Sound Blab ( called Savoire Adore, who are on the same label as MGMT. Their sound is quite similiar being very bouncy and electro.

I’m also liking the new single from Hurts  called Better Than Love another electro pop gem and David Guetta’s new one with Kid Cudi called Memories. Alot of the musical press have spoke quite highly of Cudi, so I might check out his own solo album soon see what the hype is about.

I was also the lucky beneficiary from Friday night’s Prizefighter series of the Cruiserweight division, with one of my three tips Jon Lewis-Dickinson winning the £32,000 prize, and me a cool £20.

I got up for the Floyd Mayweather – Shane Mosley bout early Sunday morning, and wasn’t disappointed. It was the fight of the year by far. Mayweather rocked for the first time in his career in the second round, battled back to dominate and bully Mosley into almost complete submission. I’d never seen Floyd so aggressive, being a defensive genius he is usually quite conservative but not on this night. He was the one fighting on the front foot, popping shots in at the speed of light which would have dropped a lesser man with a more suspect chin. Thankfully for Mosley, he has a pretty iron chin.

It of course adds more fuel to the fire for a Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown in the Autumn. My personal view is that Mayweather is the best in the world right now, and has shown he can deal with bigger guys in Mosley and De La Hoya, and could pick Pacquaio off as he can be seen to lunge in sometimes rather wrecklessly, and against possibly one of the best counter punchers in the world it could be eays pickings. I’m sure Freddy Roach will have a game plan for the fight, but lest we forget he was in De La Hoya’s corner the night he lost to Floyd.

Either way for the good of boxing it has to happen.

Think that about covers it.

‘Til next time,



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