Freddy Krueger’s new look, Body popping and Alton Towers

Hello again,

Well it’s been a strangely busy weekend for me, so I thought I would jot it down while its still fresh in the mind.

Firstly I have to say I really enjoyed the Alton Towers trip, totally not what I was expecting as the weather stayed ok and I did go on all the big rides (big achievement!).

The day started off a bit of a slow burner, as we were unable to get onto to Thirteen as it was closed. We went onto Rita which was right next to it, which sent me a little dizzy afterwards, a bit of a drink and I was okay.

I’m still terrified of the Oblivion mind, alot of the lads went on four or five times but once was enough for me. Its just that bloody drop, I don’t really mind it until that point, luckily its over really quickly.

A special mention to Mark who went, who was sick after Air and the Pirate Ship much to the amusement of others. I think if I hadn’t of had that drink after Air I would of gone the same way.

I did manage to vote later on despite  alot of queueing, which I certainly wasn’t expecting. As it turns out the whole country was the same with some not managing to vote at all. Even though I went with the family stance of voting Labour, I have for reasons unknown found politics strangely more interesting in the aftermath. I can’t say I have ever woke up after a National Election the night before and turned the TV on to find out the result before, but I did Friday morning.  I think its mainly due to actually having some input, albeit very small into the voting process.

The boxing on Friday night was a crackin affair as well, with John Murray stopping Gary Lockland in the 11th round to take the European Lightweight title. It was a gruelly affair with Lockland possibly suffering a broken cheekbone as well as his left eye as good as shut by the time the referee called the bout. He does deserve credit for his bravery, as it was at times a savage beating, but he hung in there and looks like he could do well at domestic level.

To end Friday I managed to get to a late show of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. I know the reviews have been ropey at best, but I really enjoyed it but it was my type of film.  It does lend some scenes from the original but the story has been adapted and changed, as this time Freddy is depicted as a child molester rather than a killer before his death. This of course leads to some close-to-the-bone imagery and narrative, which in turn makes you want to despise the character more.

In some of the previous sequels Freddy became a more of a comedian which toned the character down alot, not in this one as he is a vicious monster. One of my personal favourites was after the death of Thomas Dekker’s character in prison, how Krueger points out the brain continues to function for 7 minutes after the heart and how they have six more minutes of fun left. I thought that scene opitomised the new Krueger, a sick, twisted demon.

This was certainly the best of the horror remakes thus far, although I really enjoyed the Friday the 13th remake. The Rob Zombie directed Halloween rehash had its moments, but tailed off badly towards the end.

Before this I also managed to squeeze in my final game of the season for The Sentinel, a School Shields Final at Northwood Stadium.

It proved to be a more stressful game than any other this season, as one of the teams had no numbers on their shirts, so the first 10 minutes was spent talking to members of the crowd attempting to find out who was who. It all worked out in the end, but I suppose with it being the last game there was always going to be a hiccup somewhere.

As I had my first Saturday off in a while (barring the David Haye fight last month) I decided to join some lads I knew for Port Vale’s final game of the campaign, which could have secured a playoff. Alas it wasn’t meant to beas they drew 1-1 and finished outside the cut off point. I have to say having watched Non League for over two years now, that alot of the players on show wouldn’t have looked out of place in those games on this evidence.

Sunday was another football day as I went down to see Aston Villa’s final game of the season against Blackburn. The match again was pretty dire (a common theme) which they lost 1-0, but due to Liverpool’s failure to beat Hull they did manage to finish 6th for the third year in a row with a better points tally. There have been improvements this year as they have been harder to beat, but I do think the squad needs more depth and a top striker to really flourish.

The highlight of the day was in the Aston Hotel before the game, as the glass collecting old man decided to start some crazy dancing on his own in the middle of the car park, you did kind of have to see it to understand.

I finally got round to watching The Office which I lent off my brother ages ago on Sunday night too. I got through two episodes and so far, so good. Obviously having worked in many different offices I think the humour was very relatable.

I also managed to pick up the first series of True Blood on Saturday, and squeezed in a couple of them. I have to say I forgot how much I liked the show, as I haven’t watched it in a while. With the vampire craze at the moment, True Blood is the only one that is very bold with its narratives and characters. Whereas the rather dull Twilight series and Vampire Diaries seem to sugar coat their scenes to appeal to a much younger audience. They don’t take risks, its all safety first and PG/12 ratings which for storylines where these creatures feed on human blood is quite laughable.

I think that about covers the weekend, I’m pretty sure the next one won’t be as eventful but one can hope.



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