Film reviews, damn British Rail and keeping your shirt closed

Hello again,

First things first, I am not impressed with British Rail. Mainly as for the most part this blog was jotted down on a notepad during a three hour or so journey to London for a job interview on Monday. To cut a long story short after setting off at 10:30, I finally actually got to the interview at 4:30pm.

I did see Warren from Hollyoaks on the way back, the fact he strangely resembles my brother just added to a surreal day.

This was actually my second job interview in as many weeks in the capital, after meeting the Monday before with the people at Platform PR. To be honest it wasn’t the best interview, mainly due to me buggering up the writing test. I hate to make excuses for shortcomings, but in a nutshell the keys were too small for my chubby digits on the tiny laptop, so half the test was spent correcting my mispelt work.

I am also quite paranoid about smelling bad, especially in a job interview, so I decided a quick spray before going into the offices was a good plan. In the aftermath I realised that I had left my shirt undone where I had sprayed, seemingly flashing my belly to the interviewer. Never good.

Safe to say they haven’t called back, and I don’t expect them to.

While I was in London I also picked up some extra strong painkillers, to help with my right hamstring which had decided to pack in on me that day. It had built up over a few days after playing football Thursday and unwisely on Sunday (I believe it was this that sent it over the edge). Anyways for the next week it was muscle soak baths all week and loads of painkillers, needless to say it wasn’t much fun. I have managed 9 miles of jogging over the past two days, so fingers crossed I am okay now.

Besides that the weekend was pretty much a nothing affair which consisted of lying (and burning) in the garden as it was roasting and watching the playoff final between Blackpool and Cardiff (an absolute classic I have to say) and the Champions League Final between Inter and Bayern Munich (not a classic).

A couple of Fridays ago I also ventured to the North West to celebrate my friends birthday (aweek late) in Wilmslow. I’m sure like me you have heard the stories about that area and how posh it is. I have to say right away, I didn’t see any of that, maybe all the rich and famous were on their holidays.

The only thing minorly up market there, was the price of a bottle of Peroni in their Revolution bar (£3.60). Smack! Thats the dent in my wallet.

As for the people, common as muck. At times I thought as if I was invading an NDubz video shoot with all the gangsters and chavs scraping their knuckles around the Wetherspoons we ended up in. It was still a good night mind, £1.65 a San Miguel, I know whose side I was on.

The second series of True Blood was released this past week, and was another impulse buy. I had previously seen up to episode 6 in the series, but managed to see a new episode (to me) last night and literally shouted out ‘ohhh!’ in dismay at the end of the ep, so safe to say its serving its purpose. I characters and the plots are well thought out, plus with the added popular spin of vampires, makes it stand out television at present.

Bookwise I am creeping up on the 200 page mark of film critic Mark Kermode’s story ‘It’s only a movie’ which is quite frankly brilliant so far.

I vaguely recall Kermode from the Channel 4 documentary ‘Scream and Scream Again’ about the slasher films. He is a self confessed horror buff, so I suppose that makes his stories more accessible to me.

Having said that it is quite refreshing to read a story about someone you aren’t completely familiar with, because you do not know whats coming next. I used the same tactic with Mark E Smith’s  (from The Fall) book which turned out to be a belter.

From his first gig writing for Time Out London, meeting with Linda Blair (his idol and of Exorcist fame) Kermode doesn’t take himself too seriously and tells it as he sees it. Some of the stories are pure comedy gold, and he certainly is a firm believer in the art of blagging.

I did have a fleeting interest of going down the film route having studied and done quite well at A Level with Film and Media studies, but I could never really envision myself behind the lens. Having said that, at this point I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat.

Coincidentally I wrote my first ever film review last night, of a 70s horror film The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue for the shadowlocked website. Safe to say the film wasn’t a classic even within the somewhat limited sub genre of zombie films, but god knows if the review is any good or not. I see it as a learning curve, and I aiming to do more as soon as possible and development a different angle for my writing.

I also managed to get another film article published on the Film Shaft website yesterday. Its just a basic Q&A with director Gregg Araki on his latest film Kaboom which premiered recently at Cannes. Film Festival.

Heres the link:

Think that about covers it.

Til next time,


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