The long awaited update

Hello all again,

My apologises it has been too long, so heres the lowdown on life over the last few weeks.

The job situation grows ever more desperate with part time money making life very lean, I am actually parking in free car parks miles from where I want to be to save the pennies. Please don’t laugh.

The next few weeks are busy on the career front for me, as I have quite a few exams coming up. The shorthand one is next Saturday (I know weird day for an exam) in Manchester at News Associates, which I am quite nervous about. I have as good as done the course at Charter Training, so its time to put it all into practice. It is the first test at 60 words per minute, so if I can’t do it at this speed there isn’t much hope of getting to 100 wpm (words per minute, keep up) anytime soon.

Then its on to the News Writing exam which should be straight forward enough, although I still don’t know where I will have to take it. Then the dreaded Law exam on Court Reporting which I am really putting everything into my revision for that (30 pages of revision as we speak).

Also I am finally almost done with my portfolio qualification so if all goes to plan I should have 4 out of the 7 qualifications by the end of the year.

And squeezed in between them is the small matter of the Best of Enemies: Audley Harrison v David Haye fight in Manchester. Money is tight but it should still be a decent night.

Also today my FA Cup dream died, as Newcastle Town are last representatives from the Non League ranks were beaten 1-0 at Vauxhall Motors FC in Ellesmere Port. The traffic was a bit of a nightmare getting there but the ground was really impressive, and the Quavers were very welcome in the club house (yep easily pleased).

It has been a weekend of travelling as an unexpected trip to Blackpool last night, ended with me soaked through to the skin, harrassed by a chav and singing Dolly Parton on karaoke. The genius of that is, its from a machine called Beatbox which records your vocals and makes you a CD of your song, safe to say after listening to the song it will be forever hidden in my drawer.

Heres a pic of me belting out 9 to 5 🙂

I’m off to a Halloween party next weekend as well, so I have to step it up to get my costume ready. Believe it or not, it can be quite stressful especially as no repeat costume are allowed. Plus the fact I looked mint as Dracula last year, I have a few ideas in mind so we’ll see what I come up with.

Think that wraps it up for now, hopefully have more news soon.


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