Getting what you pay for, me the author and the city of Culture

Hello again folks,

Sorry again for the delay between updates.

So let’s get down to it, where have I been? What have I been doing?

First things first I’ve had a few exams recently for some extra journalism qualifications I have had my eye on. I took my shorthand exam the weekend after finishing my course at Charter Training, it didn’t really go to plan and I failed it. Luckily I can take it again soon.

This was the same day as my friends Halloween party, so due to my lack of organisation I had to negotiate a costume that day as well, but more of that shortly. I took my other exam in Court Reporting last Thursday, which I thought went okay plus I have revised my arse for the last few weeks so hopefully I got through. I was meant to take another exam on the Tuesday in News Writing but according to my bank account, the cheque to the NCTJ has been received and the money taken out, but I was only put down for one exam. Needless to say I wasn’t best pleased, at still aren’t and intend to get to the bottom of it soon.

The Law exam was in the City of Culture 2007? (2007 right), Liverpool, at the very posh John Moores University, but I have to say the walk between the University campus and the Lime Street station was cultured to say the least. The City Centre i quite tidy mind, and I managed to pick up another few bits and bobs for Christmas. Its weird this year, because unlike recent years I am really organised for Christmas for the first time probably ever.

Anyways after sitting, and subsequently failing the Shorthand exam, I had to rush back to Stoke for a game at Alsager Town and inbetween that get a costume for the Halloween party later. I decided on the Richard O’Brien character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show – Rif-Raff, which meant wearing a bald cap for the first and hopefully last time. Also as I found out when I got home, part of the costume was tights, and anyone who knows my figure, knows that me and tights just don’t go.

The party itself was a good laugh, although one too many jokes may have been made by myself about the gaping hole between the legs in the tights, something I only discovered en-route to the party.

The shorthand exam had stressed me out a little, so I had a little drink and subsequently made a bit of a fool of myself and lost one of the gloves from the outfit. God only knows where that went.

Film wise has been really mixed recently, as I have seen the awful-ness (sorry the only way I can describe it) of Saw 7 (in 3D!) which was simply awful and hopefully will finally spell the end of the tired franchise.

But on the other hand I was treated to the nerve shredding terror of Paranormal Activity 2. When I say nerve shredding I am not exaggerating, this film literally made my hair stand on end and left a lasting mark. I had seen the previous film at home in the dark a few months back, and that certainly freaked me out, but this one seemed to take it to a new level. The key to the horror of it, is that it is so simplistic, and you never really see what the demon or ghost is which makes it even scarier.

I hear a third Paranormal Activity film has been greenlit, but it will have to go someway to top that.

I have also recently finished the superb book ‘Fever Pitch’ by Nick Hornby, which centres mainly on a man’s obsession with football and give the idea to write my autobiographical account of my coverage of the Non-League for The Sentinel for the past two years. I have scribbled down a couple of chapters so far, and I will soon be sending out letters and e-mails to publishers to see if any of them consider taking it on. Who knows it could be the thing that makes me, but even if it sells 10 copies it is nice to have as a memoir and something I can chalk off my list of goals in life.

Last weekend was another busy one, as I headed off to Manchester for the much anticipated fight between David Haye and Audley Harrison. I can only speak about my own experiences which are summed up in an article I will link to, but the event itself was thoroughly enjoyable.

The fight was as one-sided as it was always going to be, very rarely does a fighter completely re-invent himself, and to ask an average at best boxer in Audley Harrison to do it was like in my opinion, waiting for the second coming: never going to happen.

Of course it rained in Manchester, because it always rains in Manchester, but we still managed to make a night of it, and try as I might I just couldn’t stay up for the Manny Pacquaio-Antonio Margharito fight which started around 5am. Having seen the repeat I missed something special, as Manny bust up Margharito like never before and has swayed my view on the much anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather, into the Filipino’s favour. He was just so quick and accurate, and don’t know many boxers of any era that could live with him in this form.

Staying on boxing I also struck lucky this weekend picking the winner for the Super Featherweight Prizefighter tournament in Welshman Gary Buckland who brutally KO’d previously unbeaten British Champion Gary Sykes in 45 seconds, £3 on a 6/1 made me a tidy little profit.

I have a couple of job interviews lined up for the end of this week as well, one in London on Thursday and then in Stafford on Friday, both are excellent positions and hopefully I can impress them.

Think that about covers it for now.

Until next time,



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