Branching out, Christmas songs and Monsters

Hi All,

Hope you’re all well.

So here’s the latest update on goings on with me.

For the past couple of weeks I have been volunteering for a new radio station in Burslem called 6 Towns Radio. Its fairly new, I think they started up in September and its been really refreshing so far. Its all volunteers, and they have a wide range of personalities and music to boot.

To be honest I always wanted to try my hand at radio and broadcasting in general during my Uni days, but wasn’t that confident to really take it further. But to be honest I don’t know what I was nervous about, the attitude of the station is quite relaxed in the sense that some of the people taking on show and guest spots don’t have much experience like myself.

So far I have guested on the Boots, Bats and Balls show as well as a couple of the DJs shows during the day giving my opinions on various topics including the X Factor, I’m A Celebrity…, Corrie and the new Narnia film.

We are talking about me doing my own show maybe once a week, but this is in its initial stages so watch this space i suppose.

I have been listening to some top music recently too, (I think the radio gig has reinvigorated my music taste buds) with the pick being the album by Miike Snow. Which has kindly been pointed out to me, has been out over a year, but I took a recommendation off a friend, it is just superb if you get a chance listen to it.

I have also started to finally listen to some songs from old school electronica group Kraftwerk, which being a big Depeche Mode fan, I found easy to like. Current favourites include, of course ‘The Model’, Pop Corn, Tour De France and Computer Love.

I was also recommended the soundtrack to the upcoming sequel Tron Legacy, for which all the music has been done by dance pioneers Daft Punk. Now I am very picky when it comes to soundtracks for films, as they can be very hit and miss. Some of my favourites are the 24 Hr Party People OST, Almost Famous and Boogie Nights, all with various genres of music. Having said this, the Tron Legacy OST is simply superb, never has a group ever been so right for a project, they just blend together so effortlessly.

Film wise I recently saw (and subsequently chatted about on radio) the film Monsters, which I found to be a really well done piece of cinema. Its such a clever plot, and its use of visuals is simply brilliant. Its not what you expect from the previews and trailers, but as an avid lover of cinema I really appreciated it.

I have also started d0ing some reviewing of music for the Soundblab website again as I have some free time, and have found some absolute gems. Firstly the Slow Club, a duo from Sheffield have released a Christmas themed EP which features a cheesy, but superb cover version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). If you hear the song, I am sure you will recognise it from Home Alone 2 Lost In New York, a great Christmas film.

Heres the link:

I was also blown away by a new EP by a band called The Stowaways, which is just instantly likeable.

Heres the link to it on Soundcloud:

My football reporting has suffered with the weather for the past few weeks, but I may be back in business on Saturday with another away day possibly at Stalybridge Celtic unless that is called off. I think this would be the fourth week in a row of cancellations if the weather does not improve, but it cannot be helped. Maybe in future years the non league especially should think about a winter break.

I am off to Manchester tomorrow for a days placement in the offices of In House Press, who do promotions for bands who I have reviewed for the Soundblab website before. Music PR is something I would definitely like to do at some stage and hopefully placements like this will prove to be useful.

On the exams front, I get my NCTJ Court Reporting result in two weeks I think, so hopefully it will be an early Christmas present with a C grade or above.

The most suprising thing recently has been the fact I have done almost all my Christmas shopping as well, although I do enjoy the hustle and bustle of the shops at this time of year, thanks to online shopping and a bit of free time I am as good as done.

I will try and update before Christmas, but if not take care and have good one.


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