The morals of spray tanning under the age of 10, big fish with big teeth and the 2 hour blag

Hello again,

Apologises (I am forever apologising I know) for the delay in posts on my goings on.

Well let’s start with the good stuff.

Saw a cracking film last week; The Fighter. It tells the true story of ‘Irish’ Micky Ward, and his boxing career under the guidance of his egotistical brother (Appropriately named) Dick Ecklund.

A fantastic piece of cinema which really pulls at the heartstrings, as well as being funny and very, very entertaining. It seems that boxing is one of the only sports that really translates to cinema, and this is definitely true here.

Christian Bale is brilliant as Ecklund, another role where he has taken on a considerable physical transformation. Without giving anything away, just to compare and contrast the real Ward and Ecklund are shown in the end credits which makes Bale’s portrayal seem all the more vivid.

The TV gold that is Big Fat Gypsy Weddings also continues to invade our screens, with some of the highlights being grooms getting helicopter rides to weddings in the middle of fields, with throwns. Yes throwns.

And lest we forget the horrific sight of six year olds having spray tans, for their sisters’ big day. As much as I was almost wetting myself laughing, it is quite disturbing and fascinating at the same time to see how these people live.

‘These people’ that came out a bit wrong, oh well that’s the best way I can put it.

I covered for Nigel last week again on Thursday at 6 Towns Radio, on his show Talk of the Towns and I admit now and at the time that I completed blagged it for 2 hours. I did get one interview over the dreaded Skype (which i had never used before then), but other than that it was me having a good old rant between a few songs of my choice. I was almost left red faced when I played the latest single from Kanye West ‘All of the Lights’ which I assumed was the clean version. Halfway through I did hear what I thought was an explicit word beginning with N (use your imagination here folks), but luckily it was bleeped out.

I am still enjoying doing some radio, but this week has been a pain as I have had the flu which has stunted my vocal chords slightly and give me the talking voice of a 70 year old. Unfortunately this has meant many paraceptemol, and too much water (which means alot of loo breaks) to keep my voice respectable.

I had seen an advert on the telly recently advertising the horror movie The Reef, about a group of Aussies hunted by a Great White Shark, after their boat sinks. It’s set along the similiar lines as Open Water and Adrift (which I thought were pants by the way), but I found this film very engaging, realistic and quite scary. They use alot of real White Shark footage, which only adds to the terror manifest by the characters. Well worth a watch if you like that sort of thing.

I’ve started watching a new show recommended by the ever commendable Steve Bunce, on his boxing show on BBC Radio London on Thursday nights (nice plug there Buncey), it’s called Lights Out; and is billed as boxing meets the Sopranos.

I’ve watched three episodes so far, and it is very good stuff, doesn’t hold back and really manifests the kind of ‘boxer who has demons’ narrative very well, add in some guns and dodgy dealings and you have a great show. I think it’s being shown on channel FX, and if you like your boxing you won’t be disappointed.

Speaking about competitiveness, I’ve now managed to play squash 4 weeks in a row, and can report I am getting better as our games are becoming alot closer. For Friday’s game as I was still little flued up, but did well for 4 games, but was spent by 5th and final game and subsequently lost after staging late comeback. I just hope I can carry it on, as it’s a great alternative exercise, as the gym can become quite samey.

I’m up to page 438 in the Bret Hart book, and is totally gripped me like no other book has in a while. As I mentioned before he was very popular when I used to watch wrestling religiously, so to hear some of the stories I’ve heard so far about some of the wrestlers is quite shocking at times.

It has led me to watch the Beyond the Mat documentary, which followed the exploits of Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Now most of this was standard stuff, except when they follow Jake to see his daughter who he hasn’t seen in years, and he explains his family history in graphic detail. I had always known from accounts that he was a dark soul, but this was really disturbing and some of it shouldn’t have ever been filmed. Having said this, I’m glad I watched it as it is a very powerful piece of cinema at times.

Now as you may already know I watch a lot of films, being a bit of a film geek, so I will sum up all my recent watches with a sentence each below:

Brain Damage – Dumb 80s gory fun.

Brain Scan – Weird and bit shit.

The Unnamable – 90 minutes I will never get back.

Ghostwatch – Great for nostalgia.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale: A fantastic Tim Burton-esque style horror.

Inside: Deeply brutal and disturbing French horror, don’t watch if expecting a child soon.

Night of the Demons 1&2: Great films if you disengage the brain a little.

Night of the Demons remake: pointless.

Listened to a few new albums recently too, I will put them into good and bad categories:

Good: Cut Copy – Zonoscope, Iron and Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean, Teenage Fanclub – Shadows, The Shins – Wincing the night away (I know it’s been out a few years but recently listened to it in full for first time :-p)

Bad: Mike Posner – 31 Minutes to take off, Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz, Bright Eyes – I’m wide awake, its morning,

Some new singles I’m liking as well – Panic at the Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa and Chipmunk ft Chris Brown – Champion.

Just a word on Chris Brown, it does seem like he is being given a big push by RCA Records this year, safe to say it’s make-or-break for his career after his previous Rihanna beatings.

Right that’s it for now, I hope I have entertained and enlightened you on many things.

Til next time,



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