Let the soapbox commence, the Katie Price dilemma and going deep, deep down

Hello folks,

Welcome to another edition of Paul Downey’s guide to life (bumpy ride guaranteed).

So I hosted another show on 6 Towns Radio on Monday afternoon, following on from last Friday’s successful 3 hour stint. This time there was a bit more structure to it, as it was a tribute show to former Radio Stoke presenter Sam Plank, whose funeral was held just down the road from the studio on that day.

It was slightly awkward at times, because truth be told I didn’t know Mr. Plank and thus was a little detached from it all. Being new to the Broadcasting side of Journalism, I wasn’t very familiar with his work, but I did my research and I think it turned out okay. Only problem, I forgot to record it! (something was bound to go wrong!)

On the job front I didn’t get the job at Stone Junction PR in Stafford, so life and the job hunt goes on. It just means a lot more PR Agencies in the UK are going to get an irritating e-mail quite  few times over the next few weeks.

I was caught out earlier this week with an urban myth I was told a long time ago by someone who I can’t recall (mysterious I know). I got it into my head that Katie Price aka Jordan (aka talentless white trash blonde) had written Genie In A Bottle (the Christina Aguilera song). Alas I apparently wrong, although a part of me still thinks I’m right (I can be a right stubborn bugger at times).

In bright happy, shiny happy people news my brother’s girlfriend Tracy is set to give birth early next week (if it goes to schedule), and I by default become an uncle. It’s an idea I have warmed to the closer it has got, plus I’ve never held a new-born baby before, so that will be an experience. All I can say is I hope the baby does not get his nose, oh and a dodgy name (they have been warned, Moses is definitely out of the question).

Music wise I have been taking a couple of steps back recently as I have rediscovered the great songs of Tracy Chapman. I am remembering stealing my dad’s Greatest Hits (which was a Christmas gift), after hearing Fast Car on the radio. She does have such a distinctive voice, and you can really feel the emotion in some of the songs, especially ‘Fast Car’ and ‘Baby Can I Hold You’. Don’t even get me started on the horrific Boyzone cover. Okay it’s getting a bit soapboxy so I will move on.

Book wise I have just started Larry Holmes’ autobiography. I have had it for a while, and I have expectations as he is often talked about as the most natural gifted heavyweight of his generation.

I did myself a random injury earlier in the week, when I pulled my back pretty badly, doing of all things tying my shoelaces. I was in agony on Tuesday, Wednesday was better and today I feel on the road to recovery thanks to healthy doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol. I am still hopeful of playing squash before the end of the weekend, but it’s touch and go at the moment.

So in my non-exercise week I have found my new favourite TV show: Six Feet Under.

I know it finished a few years back but I was recommended it a couple of weeks ago, and have ploughed through the first season this week. It’s just a fantastic show, a little gloomy (but so is life sometimes) at times but it is played out like real life, and touches on a lot of issues that other shows wouldn’t dare touch. Favourite character you ask? Has to be Claire, the daughter, who is vulnerable, yet rebellious and arrogant.

I am just hoping the second season and the rest, are on par with this series.

So how have I spent tonight? (besides writing this) Well I have re-jigged my CV ready to send around again tomorrow, and listening rock power ballads. What an existence, I know.

Til next time,



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