Picture Blog No. 2 and the distinct lack of the baby

Hello again,

As the title suggests I am not an uncle yet, as it looks like the baby will arrive sometime in the next 10 days. My Newcastle trip was quite refreshing, so I thought I would share some more pictures from my week there and the journey back (7 hours 20 minutes to be exact) on National Express.

Firstly can I just say, Virgin Trains disgust me. Sorry to be a little bit of a soapbox, but £72 one way back from Newcastle is plain disgusting, considering it was £60 for a return 18 months ago I cannot justify paying that price (plus the fact I’m skint). Alas I used the always reliable National Express coaches to get home, and the journey was quite uneventful (well except getting kicked out of a Pumpkin Cafe Shop for eating my home made sarnies in their food court).

Anyways I will put the pics in chronological order, mainly for my benefit rather than yours.

^ – More bizarre art which got the camera clicking in Gateshead en route to the Metro Centre.

^ – Here’s a flyer I got to one of the ropiest bars in Newcastle, although in fairness the pub next to it was called The Blackie Boy (make of that what you will). In fairness I couldn’t have been as bizarre as Flares on a Tuesday night, as all the men were dressed as women, seriously.

^ – The quite stunning sight of an 18 inch Chicken and Barbeque pizza, quite nice despite the onions. For the record I only had one slice while watching Jaws.

^ – You can just about see the Tyne Bridge on the way out of Newcastle on the bus.

^ – The beautifully scenic Northallerton.

^ – This place looked classy, in the rather dull Stockton area.

^ – Now the Little Oven and me have history from many moons ago (2002 to be exact) where I had my worst chippy tea ever, the further two and a half hours on a coach weren’t pleasant. Still looks pretty dirty to be honest.

^ – This building caught my eye outside Manchester bus station, quite a creative design.

So there you go, another photo blog, quite fun I thought. Hopefully the next time I will have some baby pics to show off, just don’t hold your breath on it.

Until then, don’t take drugs.



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