On the road to nowhere: Visiting the Press Association

Hello folks,

Well today I went for a job interview in Howden in Yorkshire, at the Press Association.

Where is Howden? You ask, good question. Answer: In the middle of nowhere, as I will prove.

Anyways I got the photograpy bug again going to and fro, so here’s my day in pictures:

Here’s the beautiful countryside going through Congleton.

The very old fashioned town of Huddersfield, the old school brick work is superb.

The scenic moors, sadly they have a dark secret buried in them from the Moors murders. In a strange way, this makes them more mystical.

Here’s the road I had to walk down (the endless road) to get to the tiny town of Howden, after I arrived at the tiny train station.

Destination sighted!

Here’s the pub attached to the train station in Howden, it is only open 4 days a week and for 10 hours a day.

Now this one probably hasn’t come out the way I wanted it to, but the sun was just setting over the moors in Stalybridge, and it looked beautiful so I got snappy.

Anyways I should hear about the job in the next few days, but after 6 hours of train journeys I am getting away from the comp for the night.

Until something interesting happens, here’s my song of the day:



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