R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor

Hello again,

I’m sure like me, your twitter feed almost exploded earlier on when the news broke that legendary Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor had passed away aged 79.

She died of a congestive heart failure earlier this morning. Now although I am bit of a film buff (mainly horror/sci fi/trashy but good) the main role I will remember Liz (can I call her that?) for is when she guested on The Simpsons. I am sure you recall the episode where Krusty gets cancelled, I think the episode is even called Krusty gets cancelled, and he ropes in all his celeb buddies for a comeback special. Ms. Taylor turns him down, but the show does feature Bette Midler and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (whatever happened to them?).

So rest in peace Liz, here’s my visual tribute:

Until next time,


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