Stone Roses Reunion: The Right Time or the right price?

So news broke this morning in The Sun newspaper that Ian Brown and John Squire had finally buried the hatchet, and the Stone Roses could reform.

 There are so many questions to answer, before this ‘comeback’ (I hate that word) can take place. Firstly, why now?

 Apparently Squire and Brown embraced and talked at former Bassist’ Mani’s (Gary Mountford to the outsiders) mother’s funeral recently. According to The Sun, Brown has been mulling over ending the feud for some time now, and the opportunity to talk with Squire on neutral ground presented itself.

 Call it fate, or a calculated plan by Brown, who knows?

 Squire himself leads a quiet existence these days on a farm in Macclesfield, and will occasionally attend art exhibitions, sometimes showcasing his own material.

 Of course his most famous work being his Jackson Pollock-esque designs used for the singles and debut album from the Roses. You can see them on t-shirts of indie kids on most high streets any day of the week.

 It shouldn’t be forgotten that Squire has also tried to shed the tag of former Stone Roses member almost as much as Brown, with projects with The Seahorses bringing minor success and producing two solo albums which were praised within the industry but failed to generate many sales.

 Brown is for some at a crossroads in his career, having produced a very schizophrenic solo career, with moments of brilliance (F.E.A.R, Golden Gaze) and others of downright dirge (The World Is Yours album, oh and the God awful Own Brain).

 The numbers that have been banded around about a possible Glastonbury appearance or a world tour are now possibly too much for someone as stubborn as Brown to turn down.

The consistent avocate of the reunion has always been Mani (now Bassist in Primal Scream), who has stated on numerous occasions he would like it to happen. Now it appears his own personal tragedy could sparked something he appears to have yearned for.

 Watch this space, but remember we have heard it all before. I’ll believe it when they’re on stage, and the intro to ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ is brooding from Mani’s Bass.


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