Rooney Pays In The Pocket For Potty Mouth

So Wayne Ro0ney, the much-maligned Manchester United forward has seen his appeal against a 2 game ban for foul language dismissed.

Forget that, anyone who thought he was going to get away with it, is on Audley Harrison’s level of delusion. The real news is him being dropped from his £600,000 advertising deal with Coca Cola.

Sometimes the best way to hit someone with a punishment, is damage their bank balance. In Rooney’s case it’s not as if he will miss, given the contract he signed earlier in the season.

For Coca Cola it was a necessary, and widely predicted move to drop him with immediate effect.

This is of course in terms of their brand message, and just general PR. Companies outside of football will not have wanted to have Rooney as their brand face, in the wake of the swearing at the camera malarky.

It would also take alot of unncessary PR on Coca Cola’s part to recover their own amd Rooney’s image to the public, despite his almost immediate, grovelling apology. It was much easier just to cut him loose, and look at other options.

This was also not the first time Rooney has been shown to use inappropriate language during or after a game, after an after match rant at a camera after England’s draw with Algeria in last summer’s World Cup.

You would of thought he would of learned his lesson, clearly not.

I certainly agree with Coca Cola’s decision, and it’s not as if there is a shortage of takers for Rooney’s previous role.

Just goes to show that sometimes it’s better to start a fresh, than persist with a recurring problem.

Oh can I just apologise in advance for putting a mug shot, I hope it doesn’t decrease traffic to the blog.


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