Forget the paperback, pack the Kindle has revealed that the e-book has outsold the paperback for the first time in February according to sales figures.

 This comes six months after the hardback suffered the same fate, which begs the question will the Kindle or e-book now become the essential holiday relaxation accessory in preference to your favourite paperback?

These figures come from the Association of American Publishers (AAP), so all may not be lost for us Brits just yet (well maybe until posts its figures).

 The report said that e-books saw a triple-digit percentage increase up to 202.3% on the same point last year.

 Audiobooks also increased by 36.7% compared to last year. Personally I am a fan of the audiobook format which has been around since the time of the cassette. I can vividly recall having both the paperback and cassette book version of Jurassic Park as a child (sad I know).

 The audiobook format is so much easier to access now, with books being made available on the iTunes platform and mp3 formats which can be easily transferred to your iPod or mp3 player.

 The huge sales jump is believed to be because consumers are now receiving e-book reader devices as holiday gifts, as well as a sizeable increase the amount of titles available as e-books.

 I recently discussed the digital jump for publishing, recently with associates of Henson Editorial Services and stated that whether the traditionalists liked it or not that was the way the publishing industry was going.

I stated this with slightly bated breath, as I like many others do enjoy reading at night and on vacations as well as if travelling on trains or buses. It is something that I hope will not be neglected in the long run; hopefully there is room for both the traditional book and e-book in the publishing market.

Although I do fear for the long-term future of the Hardback.


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