Humorous souvenirs, the best ice cream in the world and anything else I missed

Well hello,

Where the hell have you been?

Oh, you’re asking me.

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I have been meaning to blog, honest…

Since the last time I blogged, it’s been all systems go, including a lot of driving, biking (really) and some food poisoning.

I have spent the past 2 and a bit weeks in Newcastle upon Tyne, with a mixture of visiting the family, working at PR Agencies and getting hammered on Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (don’t ask).

As I was given the run of the old man’s house, I tried a few new things including ironing, and some cycling.

Yep, my brother had left his old mountain bike at the flat, and a pumped up tyre later I was heading down the cycle track just down the road. All was going well, until it started to rain. At this point I was already ten minutes from home, so I decided to be a man (grrr!) and tough it out, well I didn’t have much choice.

I really got into it to be honest, went out four times in 7 days and my legs didn’t fall off which was a bonus. I even bought a vastly oversized helmet on the cheap, sadly no picture but trust me it made me look like an egghead (as in the film with Dan Akroyd).

As I may have mentioned many times, Newcastle is a great night out. I can honestly say I have never had a bad night out there. See now you’re waiting for me to say it was a crap night, well it wasn’t. As it was bank holiday weekend, the town was pretty packed for a Sunday.

Anyway here’s the only pic from the night:

It was the picture on the wall of one of the bars which intrigued me. I forget the name of the bar, but it was pretty classy and even had an old school film theatre downstairs.

I also managed a trip to the best ice cream shop in the North East, maybe even in the UK in Seaton Sleuth. I don’t usually go on about food, but this is special ice cream. Here’s a pic of the shop, it doesn’t look much from the outside but trust me the goodness is inside:

There was also the small matter of the Manny Pacquaio-Shane Mosley fight, which I foolishly attempted to stay up for. Little was I to know, that I had eaten some dodgy bread earlier in the day. Coupled with a couple of bottles of beer, it did not make for pretty viewing the next day.

Anyway the fight, it was pants. Manny put him down early but then really struggled to dominate. A lot of people were saying he had one up on Floyd Mayweather for dropping a fighter who almost dropped him in their fight last year, but to me it’s 1-0 Floyd as after being wobbled he came back to dominate and decimate Mosley. Mayweather was a lot closer to a stoppage than Manny was for sure. Pacquaio has now signed to fight Juan Manuel Marquez in the Autumn, in their third fight. Having lost in a lot of people’s eyes in the first two fights, Manny will definitely want to be explosive and prove without a doubt he is the top dog.

So the next day I was in agony, I can’t recall ever having food poisoning before but after this I never want it again. I don’t need to go into details but it wasn’t pretty. I was scheduled to start at Point Pleasant Communications the next day, but I just wasn’t up to it. To clear my scrambled systems I went for a drive down to the St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay as the weather was nice. Here’s some pics I took:

The last one is a fridge magnet that tickled me, so I decided to buy it.

Listened to really decent albums recently too.

The mouthful of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart’s album is a superb listen, a perfect indie pop summer album. The Friendly Fires have also released their second album ‘Pala’, which is a bit poppier than their last effort in 2008 but it has some great songs on there including ‘Live Those Days Tonight’, ‘Blue Cassette’, ‘Hurting’ and ‘Helpless’.

I’ve also heard the Lady GaGa album, but I will post a seperate full review of this in a few days.

I also made my long awaited football comeback for my brother’s team as they were short of players (not how I had envisaged it). Well we were 8-0 down at half time but salvaged pride in the second half with the final score 9-1. Safe to say my gloves will be staying on the wardrobe for the foreseeable future.

Me and the brother also went to see Insidious at the cinema. In retrospect it was pretty decent, although it does fall off slightly in the last half hour. The first hour is very jumpy stuff on par with Paranormal Activity 2 (the scariest film ever by the way) but then it does tail off. Three star affair I’d say.

Think that about wraps it up, will post some more thoughts and musings in a few days.


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