Why I Love Six Feet Under

Firstly may I apologise for somewhat neglecting the blog for a while.

Anyways for you avid readers (if any) here’s the skinny.

Over the past six months I have been fortunate to have been watching my way through the TV series Six Feet Under. I’m sure many of you remember from early 2000’s.

To cut a long story short I was told in no uncertain terms by a friend to watch the show, you won’t regret; well they were right.

I finally finished watching the final 2 episodes earlier this evening, and have to say as a whole series it’s got to be one of my favourites of all time. Shocks, spills, sex, death, despair, joy, jaw-hit-the-floor moments, it really had it all.

The main strength of the show is in the character development, as I found myself changing my opinions on certain characters in relation to what their storyline was in the show, I’d never had that with any show before. This is before the times of Team X and Team Y, I can’t imagine the pandemonium this show would cause if it was released next week.

The overriding theme of the entire show in my opinion, is that life isn’t mapped out and isn’t always perfect, but in bouncing back from the bad we can embrace the good even more. Whoa, getting a little philosophical now.

Either way I cannot recommend the show enough, if you’re looking for a drama which is engaging as well as all the themes I mentioned earlier (shocking, funny etc.) by all means go out and get the boxset today and you will not be disappointed.

That is all.



2 thoughts on “Why I Love Six Feet Under

  1. Hi Paul, Why don’t you come to the Six Feet Under convention in Bournemouth 12-14 August. We’re having a coffin exhibition, which is the first of its kind. Nobody’s writing about it so far, so why don’t you do an article on it?

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