Musings from the Mersey

So welcome back to the blog, where the hell have you been?

I’ve been to Liverpool last weekend, as the title suggests.

Well where do I start? I’ll tell you where, the train station.

Setting off from Crewe I was a tad rough despite only have a single beer (Budvar FYI) the night before, and now accompanied by a banging headache.

Luckily this wore off during the day. Having rendezvous-ed (not a word I know, but whose concerned?) with the sibling we set off to our hotel The Malmaison next to the Albert Docks.

Low and behold who do we in the reception, only Frank Warren (the biggest UK boxing promoter) whose show we were going to see later. Luckily I didn’t have chance to make a dick of myself by chatting shit to him, and was dragged away into town.

Having been into the town before for a swift shop last year, I knew it was impressive. Liverpool is such a modern city, everything about it, is streets ahead of most cities in the country. Plus everything you want (shops, bars and restaurants) all very close knit.

So after getting back to the hotel we were off out after not too long to grab something to eat before heading to the Echo Arena for the boxing (which was coincidentally only 10 minutes away too!)

We plumped for the Gourmet Burger Kitchen instead of the usual haunt of Nandos, and it turned out to be a great call. Apparently their ‘thing’ is that all the food is home-made, so if it’s true I want to move in or at least pop round every few weeks for a burger. I don’t usually go overboard talking about food, but that was one special burger.

So it was time to set off for what we had come for; the boxing. Short walk across a road and across the very impressive docks and we were more or less in the arena in 2 minutes. Firstly for a 12,000 seater stadium, it looks huge and very impressive.

The arena itself also allows people to drink in the stands, something I had never experienced before; and it did feel quite wrong doing it to start with. Although I did think to myself, that during the night there was very little trouble anywhere in the stadium and that may have been down to this in some way.

The only negative about the arena was the toilet situation, which was so bad people were peeing in the sinks and even in the bins.

The boxing itself was superb on the night as James Degale bounced back from his defeat to George Groves (a fight I thought he won BTW) and win the European Super Middleweight title.

The main event also delivered with Nathan Cleverly retaining his WBO Light Heavyweight title with a close decision victory over home town boy Tony Bellew (who I thought won as well, don’t go the bookies with me it sounds like).

Was time to hit the town after as we got out around 11:30 and ended up in a ropey 80s bar called The Tube which had a tiled dancefloor (accident waiting to happen). I can still see the look on my brother’s face when Like A Virgin by Madonna came on, it was priceless.

After that it all becomes quite hazy (we had, had quite  few drinks in the arena but I am lightweight anyway lol). We did go in a Slug and Lettuce for cheap cocktails (well buy one get one free), and The Quiet Rooms a very classy chain bar. I had previously been in one in Newcastle, it was pricey but cool.

Anyways at around 2am, and steaming drunk my brother asked me to be his son Lucas’ godfather obviously I said yes but apparently this conversation should have been a sober one earlier in the day.

We finally headed back to the hotel and had another drink in the bar until around 4am ranting to another boxing fan.

Less said about my head the next day (and the day after the better), which wasn’t helped by my automatic alarm going off at 8am. I was told in no uncertain terms to turn it off, I will refrain from repeating.

Anyways the next time you’re favourite band is playing nationwide, or you want a great night out; the only way is scouse.



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