My favourite horror films Part 1

So with Halloween on the horizon, I thought I would post some of my favourite horror films here.

As I’m sure you’re aware I am big fan of the genre, so there may be some here that you have never heard of, so who knows I maybe giving a mini education on horror, or not.

These are in no particular order either.

The Strangers (2008) 

More of a sleeper hit than any horror of recent times. I went to see it at the cinema not expecting much, but was blown away by just a plain and simply scary movie.

Zodiac (2007) 

Another Fincher effort, another masterpiece. Despite being around 3 hours long this film keeps you intrigued all the way through as we chronicle the hunt for the infamous ‘Zodiac’ killer from the 1970s. Great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal as the cartoonist turned detective.

The Fog (1980)

John Carpenter was riding the crest of a wave in the late 70s and early 80s, and this was another home run for the auteur; with his superb tale of vengeful pirates who come back to haunt a coastal town through, you guessed it: The Fog. It also reunites JC with 80s scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, who teamed up for Carpenter’s breakthrough hit Halloween in 1978.

Oh and don’t ever bother with the remake, dirge.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

I had read for what seemed like years about the original Hills Have Eyes, directed by Wes Craven; but when I finally watched it in 2004 I was a bit disappointed. Luckily, Craven teamed up with Director Alexandre Aja to remake his own film in 2006. It proved a great decision, as the remake certainly in my eyes surpassed the original. It has suspense, gore aplenty and was genuinely disturbing. Shame the sequel was pants.

P2 (2007) 

Aja continued his fine form in the genre by this Christmas themed effort P2 a year later. It tells the story of a young girl terrorised in a parking lot of all places by a nutty security guard. Wes Bentley is in fine form as the nut job.

Black Christmas (1976)

It would only be natural to continue with a Christmas theme, so now I give you probably THE template for the 80s slashers along with Halloween, which is seen as a much more polished effort.

I can recall seeing this film coincidentally on Christmas Eve when I was 15, and being totally freaked out by it. It is very fine line to have a film based around a killer in the Christmas period, but Black Christmas achieves this with ease. A genuine spine tingler, which keeps you guessing right up until the final shot.

I think that will do for now, look out for Part 2 later in the week. And if you have any suggestions on what should be my favourite horror films, please comment.


One thought on “My favourite horror films Part 1

  1. The Strangers really scared us. Movies that are based in reality tend to scare us more than supernatural movies. Of course, that excludes Paranormal Activity. That’s just freakin’ terrifying.

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