Film review: The Children (2008)






So I saw this in HMV a few weeks ago and decided to get it as an impulse buy as it was cheap.

Now my last impulse buy was Juno (which I thought was garbage) so I was little skeptical, luckily my fears were proved wrong as this was a little gem.

The premise is really straight forward, families go away to big house near a forest to celebrate Christmas, but the children all catch a killer virus that makes them a bunch of homicidal nutters.

The deaths are brutal, and the atmosphere of the whole piece becomes quite creepy, as most things do with killer children. This mainly comes from the fact that the adults have to kill or at least injure them to survive, which obviously is frowned upon without taking into account the circumstances.

It’s a British film, and thus does not boast a cast of note. The only familiar face for me, was Simon’s girlfriend from the 3rd series of the Inbetweeners.

It’s very gritty, and does leave it open for an unlikely sequel.

Anyways, here’s the trailer:


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