The Fades – the Beeb’s latest gem











Tomorrow will mark the end of the BBC’s new supernatural drama The Fades.

I must admit I missed the season pilot, and caught up on the iPlayer (how fitting), and was instantly hooked.

I drew similiarities with 4’s teen sci fi series Misfits, as the script focussed on the lives primarily of teenagers, and also had genuine moments of comedy with an underlying dark theme.

The story focusses on outcast geeky teenager Paul (Iain De Caestecker), and his best friend Mac (Daniel Kuulaya of Psychoville fame) who discover all is not well with the world, and also that Paul has a big part to play in mankinds survival against beings known as The Fades.

These are demons that have been rejected from Heaven and now roam the Earth feeding on human flesh to become alive again.

The only people who can stop the Fades, are another species called the Angelics, of which Paul finds himself a part of. He teams up with Neil (Johnny Harris) and Helen (Daniela Nardini) who are plotting to wipe out the Fades once and for all.

During the series the lines become quite blurry on who is the real villain here, and our lead is forced to question his own motives and those of his fellow Angelics.

Of course now the series has finished, with no news on a second series yet but all I can say is watch the repeats and get the DVD you will not be disappointed. It’s not everyday we get a watchable British supernatural series (Demons anyone? thought not), so we should do all we can to support and make it comes back for another series. Anyways if you have seen it, take the poll below:


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