Don’t let it Fade into the darkness









So having just watched the finale of BBC Three’s new series The Fades, I feel compelled to write yet another blog.

It promised to be a gripping finale, and even I was quite shocked but parts of it, there was some truly ballsy script writers on that show (I’m sure you know the part I am referring to).

As you will have read (hopefully) from my previous entry regarding the show, it has become my new favourite show on TV, and now it’s over typical.

Despite some minor resolution in the finale, like some of the Fades being destroyed, there is certainly a lot of mileage in the story yet, as the storm brewing in the final shots suggest.

The main part about the show, now I have seen it as a whole, that impressed me was the character development and evolution of many of the characters. Mac isn’t just the bumbling sidekick, and also Neil isn’t as innocent as we are led to believe in the beginning.










Also a special mention for Joe Dempsie, who has totally eradicated in my mind anyway, his role as a junkie teenager in Skins with this performance. He plays it quite straight as the lead Fade, and is seen as the binary opposite of Paul (Iain De Caestecker), as he is quite forthright and confident, all the things Paul is not.

He also conveys his dark side superbly, showing that you do not mess with a Fade.

The reaction I have seen (certainly on Twitter) means there is a good case for the show returning for a second series. As I mentioned in my previous post, it isn’t everyday that we find a genuinely decent supernatural series from these shores, and it would be a real shame to see it end like this.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t and if not, we can all just buy the DVD/Blu Ray on December 26th I suppose – HERE



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