The return of Misfits!









This Sunday marks the return of E4’s supernatural teen drama Misfits for its third series.

For those of you that haven’t seen it before, it tells the story of five youngsters who are doing community service and are caught in a flash storm which gives them all special powers.

At first it becomes more about what each one can do, a bit like a gritty British version of Heroes (before it went crap). Over time though the group find they are not alone, and that alot more people have been effected by the storm.

The group is lead by Nathan, who is quick-witted and cannot die (or so we think), there is quiet Simon, who can become invisible, chavvy Kelly who can hear people’s thoughts, Curtis a former sporting star who can turn back time (don’t start humming Cher), and Alisha who cannot be touched.

The reason Misfits seems to work is the take on the modern teenager’s life, and put having a super power into the mixer; makes for some great TV.

As I was talking recently about the BBC’s new supernatural series The Fades, the reason that it worked so well is that the character development is executed very well. The same can be said of Misfits, as we are allowed to delve quite deep into each lead characters world and you really feel like you know them in a way.

The big question regarding the third series, is how will we cope without Nathan? As actor Robert Sheehan announced earlier in the year he was leaving the show to pursue other projects.

He has been replaced in the group by Rudy (Joseph Gilgun), and the early word is he is an ample replacement for Nathan, who at times dominated episodes with his infectious personality, as well as his more reserved side.

Also Iwan Rheon’s Simon became more of a central figure as the Second series progressed so expect him to be central to the plots this time around as well.

If you haven’t seen Misfits yet, you can pick up the first 2 series’ on DVD for £11 off Amazon HERE.


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