Suffering from a lack of Activity: Review of Paranormal Activity 3










Last night I went to see Paranormal Activity 3, and maybe naively had very high hopes for it.

I had heard conflicting reviews, I had also read that it was more over the top than the first two films combined, sadly this was not the case.

I found it to be moderately scary in parts, but now over reliant on tried and tested methods from the first 2 films. The scares didn’t seem to be drawn out as much, and I found the so-called ‘resolution’ in the finale quite flat.

Also I think the success of the first two films was dependant on keeping the ‘spirit’ quite elusive and not personified. Whereas here the demon now has a pet name (Toby), we see the outline  of it as well which desensitises the audience.

Being prequel we are taken back to 1988, and the original (or maybe not) experience of the sisters from the first two films and their mother and her boyfriend.

It does seem to jump into the scares alot quicker this time round, which was one of my only criticisms of Paranormal Activity 2. But whereas the final 40 minutes or so of that film were very intense, it seemed like they were going through the motions here.

I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway, as Paranormal Activity 3 is already the most successful opening for a horror film ever in the US, and a fourth film is already on the way next year. My question is, where do you go from here; the answer hopefully is back to basics.

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