You Had Paranormal Activity, We Had Ghostwatch!






As it’s Halloween, I suppose it’s only fair to make a post about something horror-related (common theme lately I know).

When it comes to programmes or films that have actually scared me, the list is quite short. But heading up that list from the age of 8, was a documentary from 1992 shown on Halloween by the BBC called Ghostwatch.

It was broadcast as a ‘live’ show where broadcasters would perform an on-air investigation of a house in London. Setting up cameras all around the house (sound familiar) they recorded the supposed weird goings on.

At the time it was genuinely scary (as I was too young to understand it was all setup), with an evil spirit taking control of the BBC studio and even Michael Parkinson.

I did manage to get a copy of it last year to watch for the first time since 1992, and although the effect had been considerably watered down it still gave me a slight chill up the spine.

It certainly has left some sort of legacy though, as makers of the Blair Witch Project used the documentary as a template to base their story around.


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