A Gritty Sket-ch








MOVIE REVIEW: Sket (2011)

I should probably start by saying that this sort of film isn’t usually my cup of tea. I do share an appreciation for gritty or urban films when they are done right, which is not always the case.

Films such as Boyz In The Hood and Menace II Society are classics because they have a strong storyline, and also aren’t afraid to shock you.

I went into the cinema to see Sket on the back of a trailer I had seen on comedy Anuvahood, and decided to take a chance on it.

I wasn’t aware it centred around a girl gang who more than hold their own on a brutal London housing estate. It would have been easy to lose interest right there and then; but the plot and character development are very well sewn together that you can’t take your eyes off some scenes no matter how shocking.

There are girls getting beating to a pulp by men and women, as well as the girl group beating up a man outside his own house and another on the top deck of a moving bus. The action is gritty and vivid and doesn’t hold back in its attempts to hit home the reality of the scenes.

Lest we forget that we hear of things that go on in Sket on the news on a weekly basis, so why should we be shocked? Although having said that, when it is putting right up on a big screen, and you are given a close-up view it can be quite unnerving.

I was asked after if I enjoyed it; my answer was no. Sket isn’t a film to be enjoyed but more to be appreciated for its boldness and ability to keep the viewer engaged and really feel something for characters good and bad.

It is definitely worth seeing, but I wouldn’t own the DVD if you catch my drift.



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