Grave-ly Boring Encounters

FILM REVIEW: Grave Encounters (2011)








You know the films where the best bits are in the trailer? Well Grave Encounters is one of them films.

Having seen the trailer through a friend on Facebook months ago I had been looking forward to seeing it; as a saw it as a cheap easy watch in the vein of the Paranormal Activity series. How wrong I was.

The premise follows a bunch of wannabe ghost hunters as they set off on their latest mission to find spirits, in an old abandoned mental asylum dubbed the ‘ghost of Collinwood Psychiatric Hospital’; a mouthful I know.

The film is meant to be footage found by the local TV network, who were looking to broadcast the findings and they have edited together the footage for us to watch.

The main problem from the get-go is the pacing of the film, there is little urgency at all; even when the preverbial sh*t hits the fan. It takes too long to set up the group inside the asylum and the scares to begin. I say scares, but most are completely telegraphed and tired; you just get the feeling you have seen it all before but done a lot slicker.

The characters are also very weak, with the lead of the group very smug and arrogant, basically someone you would be offed than saved when the spirits start taking over the show.

The ending also screams Blair Witch, but doesn’t carry the same guile as that film had, where you were made to feel the genuine chill that there actually was something scary after the protagonists.

In summary the TV company may have just been best keeping the ‘found footage’ to themselves.

So here’s the highlights in the aforementioned trailer:

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