Dynamite! Dynamite!

FILM REVIEW: Black Dynamite (2009)









The most suprising thing about watching Black Dynamite; is the fact it was only released a couple of years ago.

The style and aesthetics of film, the characters and the plot all scream 1970s, which is a credit to director Scott Sanders.

From outset it is clear that this a film that isn’t to be taken seriously; it’s a fun movie with some really outrageous comedic moments.

All of the characters are larger than life, and Dynamite himself (played with undeniable vigour by Michael Jai White) being the biggest of the bunch.

The story begins with his brother being gunned down in the street for no apparent reason. Dynamite sets out to avenge his sibling’s death, whilst uncovering an altogether bigger plot.

He is your typical 70s action star, quick-witted, smooth talking, karate chopping and lady loving, which makes for some hilarious scenes.

It is essentially a spoof of the blaxploitation films of the 1970s, but is done with such warmth and humour that the darker tones are left firmly in the background.

There is the odd line used that may shock audiences today, but because of the time period it was set in people need to understand this was the way people talked at this point.

There is still talk of sequel, with the premise definitely having potential to be franchised. A put it into a similiar category as the Austin Powers film; good disposable fun, and sometimes isn’t that just all we need.


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