FILM REVIEW: I Saw The Devil










Last night I watched the Japanese horror, I Saw The Devil.

The title itself immediately grabs your attention, but the film itself is an excellent if brutal crime tale.

It follows the exploits of psychopath Kyung-Chul who kills for pleasure and mutilates his victims in all kinds of horrific ways. When his latest victim Joo-Yeon, turns out to be the daughter of a retired Policeman it sets off a deadly game of cat and mouse between Kyung-Chul and Joo-Yeon’s would-be fiance Soo-hyun, a police officer himself.

It’s the classic tale of revenge, which certainly borrows from the Kill Bill series with its brutality and no holds barred gory scenes.

There are also flashes of Se7en throughout, as Kyung Chul’s actions mirror Kevin Spacey’s John Doe.

Kyung-Chul’s character is a vile, twisted psychopath who takes what he wants and doesn’t care about the consequences. So when So0-Hyun decides to go down this dark path to hunt him down, he must consider becoming the monster to beat the monster.

We are given false to begin with, as they confront each other with Soo-Hyun punishing Kyung-Chul and then setting him free only to track him down.

His redemption he feels lies in making Kyung-Chul suffer as much as Joo-Yeon (she was tortured then dismembered) did.

The stakes are raised in the final half hour as Soo-Hyun is pushed to see how far he will go to get his revenge.

It’s not your typical horror film, but even clocking in at 2 hours 2o minutes it’s a compelling brutal drama.


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