So with the vampire enjoying a renaissance due to the popularity of True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and lest we forget Twilight, it was inevitable that the vampire sub genre would enjoy a comeback.

Luckily in this case, Stake Land puts a refreshing spin of the age-old tale, making its vampires a lot more instinctive and beast-like and less human.

We pick the story of Martin (Connor Paolo) whose family are slaughtered within the first 10 minutes, and he is rescued and befriended by the mysterious Mister (Nick Damici). He now is trained in the arts of fighting vampires, and you think for a split second this going a bit Karate Kid but this is just a passing montage.

Their ultimate goal is to reach ‘New Eden’ aka Canada, which is believed to be the holy grail and a safe haven against the vamps. Their path is anything but straight forward though as they encounter vampires as well extremist Brotherhood who find prey for the vampires.

Along the way they befriend hitchhiker Belle (Danielle Harris), but the burden of a pregnant counterpart leads to conflict and ultimately a grisly end for her.

One thing Stake Land cannot be challenged on, its ability to shock; as baby are slaughtered on camera and there are also some gruesome deaths to boot.

In conclusion if you are looking for an alternative to the soppy vampire tales of twilight & the vampire diaries, and are after a good old fashioned hunting film Stake land should fill the void.


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