FILM REVIEW: I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer Summer











With slashers film sometimes it is just best to take them at face value, accept them for what they are. The filmmaker is not trying to be clever, just entertaining.

This is certainly the case with ‘I know how many..’, as we follow the journey of a bullied child who comes back to wreak havoc on his old classmates via instruments from the Oval (see what I did there?)

The best thing about this film is the pacing; it doesn’t wait to build up forgettable characters but goes right for the jugular right from the first few frames as a young man is dispatched using a cricket wicket.

A group who are being killed one by one, are housed under police protection in a safe house; but are then hunted by the mysterious killer around the location.

It is clearly a homage to the slashers from the 1980s, with its full on gore and set of likeable yet forgettable fodder for our villain.

The killer is certainly creative as well, with his spkiy cricket ball, extra sharp stumps and of course his bat.

He even writes ‘Howzat’ in a victim’s blood above the body, just to show his cricket obsession.

It’s undeniably low brow, but in the same breath it’s good dumb fun; and isn’t this what a slasher film says on the tin.


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