Chisora Proves His Heavyweight Class

Despite being ‘beaten’ by Finnish plodder Robert Helenius for the vacant European Heavyweight Title, Dereck Chisora definitely proved a point to a  lot of the boxing fraternity.

Firstly how Helenius won the fight is a mystery to me, he won 4 rounds at best and looked extremely pedestrian and robotic.

Chisora having been deservedly beaten by Tyson Fury in his last fight, as well as being out of shape, was definitely on his game tonight and executed his game plan to a tee.

His jab was superb throughout, and when the right hand over the top landed Helenius definitely felt it without being staggered. What was disappointing from the fight was the referee who constantly impeded Chisora and attempted to upset his rhythm. The only criticism of Del Boy is showboating he did in a couple of rounds which, away from home will count against you.

I had it 8-4 to Chisora, and the fight is easily the heavyweight fight of the year.

Chisora had many critics after the Fury fight, because of his conditioning but his stamina was superb tonight.

As I have stated before the logical fight for Tyson Fury is a rematch with Chisora, and this performance only makes it a much more easy sell. If Del Boy applies himself against Fury like he did Helenius, there is surely one winner.



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