FILM REVIEW: Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2

I will admit that my hopes weren’t very high for this film, after hearing about the so called ‘plot’.

Basically the first half of this film is the first film in fast forward, as described by Ricky the younger brother of Billy the killer from the original. It’s safe to say also that the guy who plays Ricky is one of the worst actors ever to grace the screen.

We pick up in a mental institution where he is being held and eventually we find out why he is there. We see the tell tale signs as he is adopted by a young family and eventually succumbs to the psychotic gene in the family and goes on a killing spree, dressed as… guessed it Santa Claus.

Only while tracking his random victims and dispatching them he feels the need to laugh like an idiot or come up with some terrible, truly terrible one liners such as ‘I love a chase’, or the memorable ‘garbage day’.

Some of the kills are quite creative including shocking one person through the mouth until their eyes explode, as well as impaling another with an umbrella.

The lack of motive for any of it doesn’t seem to matter, as he recounts all of this to the doctor interviewing him in the asylum. Low and behold he escapes with around 15 minutes left to hunt down Mother Superior (who is now ancient, wheelchair-bound and horrifically scarred), hardly a challenge really. So we are ‘treated’ to him stalking someone in a wheelchair round a house as the finale, before he is taken down by the local police.

I would say that it’s a coincidence that the nun lives at house 666, but in Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 nothing is coincidence. A truly surreal experience, and quite possibly the worst slasher of all time.


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