It’s quite rare in horror circles that a sequel completely outdoes its predecessor, but this is definitely the case with Rec 2.

Following on directly from events of the first film, in a multi-storey building whose inhabitants have been infected with some sort of virus which makes them pretty nutty.

Here we follow the SWAT team being sent in to find out what is going on, along with priest who has some altogether alterior motives.

The main reason why Rec 2 makes for a better film, is that it has established its mythology in the first film and now takes it to the next level.

The gore is just as brutal, and the head-cameras (used by the SWAT team) make for an intense and uncomfortable experience for the viewer.

There are some real nerve jangling scenes including a man being chased down some air ducts by the infected people.

Many questions are also answered about the origin of the ‘virus’ and how it is contracted. The final scenes connect all the dots, and send the series in a completely different direction with regards to its villains and what they are.

Another fantastic and intense camera trick is the use of infra-red light, which in some scenes shows things not seen in normal light which make for some quite creepy scenes as the finale approaches.

And as with the first film, we are left clambering for more.

Rec 3 anyone?


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