FILM REVIEW: Troll Hunter

Surely the foreign film of year, Troll Hunter is a fascinating journey into the world of creature (or creatures in this case) we don’t know much about. They are talked about in fairy tales, but here the fantasy comes true and its quite deadly too.

We begin with a note that the film is a compilation of 283 minutes of footage taken by some students three years ago. From here we are introduced to the film students who want a project to film, and end up getting more than they bargain for.

They meet the mysterious Hans, and start to follow him around, as he travels to different parts of Norway in his jeep with a caravan, as he goes out late in the night and comes back with giant claw marks down the side some nights.

Hans, is in fact a troll hunter employed by a secret service to make sure the trolls stay hidden to the general public, and if they don’t they are executed by him.

Of course by using the ‘filmed’ angle employed so well in films such as Rec & Rec 2, we are given a more personal point of view of the situation; such as when they are chased through the woods by a giant troll, which becomes very intense.

The mythology is very well knitted together, with Hans revealing many mannerisms of trolls, as well as the ways he can kill them. You quickly becomed engrossed in this whole other world that the film creates, essentially this is fantasy tale which plays out a like rollercoaster.

Of course the trolls are a little bit over the top, but that is what makes them more engaging.

Conclusively Troll Hunter is easily one of the best science fiction films of the year.

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