WWE’s Kane returns masked

I always attempt to keep up with what’s happening in popular culture, and this week something caught my eye from the world of wrestling.

Having been a huge fan of wrestling as a child and teenager, I do keep tabs on it from time to time and will always look on it as a guilty pleasure every now and then.

In fact one of the finest books I have ever read was the autobiography of Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart, who provides a warts and all account if the business.

Anyways I am getting away from the point, this week the character of Kane (brother of the Undertaker) returned to action sporting a new masked look, which has created a bit of buzz.

The really question is why? Was it demanded by fans? Was it Glen Jacobs’ call? Or is the WWE attempting to go back to tried and tested?

There is no doubt the character carried quite a mystique and aura when he first arrived in 1997, which disappeared slightly as they ran out of ideas of what to do with him and ‘unmasked’ him in 2003. I suppose the real question is how long can this ‘new old look’ keep the fans interested?

Here’s his return from the Slammy Awards:


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