FILM REVIEW: Weekender

When it comes to films about the ecstacy and rave craze of the late eighties and early nineties, they are now ten to the dozen.

Some are good, some aren’t. Luckily Weekender just about gets away with it; with it’s tale of two friends based in Manchester (or Madchester) who try to make it big by holding raves in disused warehouses.

The cast is led by Jack O’Connell (from Skins) as Dylan, a young lad who becomes engrossed in the scene and ultimately ends up in a spot of bother.

As much as Manchester became ‘Madchester’ during this time, it also evolved into ‘Gunchester’ as the gangs started to take over the raves. Weekender attempts to paint this picture in a watered down kind of way, where we see the gangs attempt to take charge without depicting how scary and brutal it really must have been.

One thing you can always guarantee from these sort of films, is a cracking soundtrack. We have Marshall Jefferson’s Move Your Body, possibly ‘the’ house anthem, as well as many more classics such as ‘Pennies from Heaven’ by Inner City.

The performances are decent enough, and the characters are quite likeable without ever conveying too much sympathy; as let’s face it they’re all on drugs and making money out of it.

Conclusively it’s no Human Traffic, but I don’t think we were ever expecting  it to be.


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