FILM REVIEW: Heartless

I had heard differing views about this film, and finally got round to seeing it the other night.

It is a British horror set in London, and follows Jamie Morgan a 25 year old boy with a heart shaped birth mark covering half of his face. Jamie, a keen amateur photographer begins to see mysterious hooded people in the background of his photos, begins to get curious.

It turns out these hooded groups are trapping people and burning them to death with molotov cocktails, and when Jamie’s mother becomes their latest victim he swears revenge.

From here the film takes a bizarre turn as he is contacted by the mysterious Papa B, who offers Jamie a deal to take away his scarring and let him live a normal life; but he must take a human life to do so.

The main themes running throughout this film are that nowhere is safe, one that is commonly employed when using an urban setting, and be careful what you wish for as Jamie becomes embroiled deeper and deeper into this dark underworld which threatens to take over his life.

Despite the knee-jerk change of plot halfway through the film does redeem itself with a rather poignant and sombre ending.

Conclusively Heartless is an intriguing and fairly original piece, just don’t take it too seriously.


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