In a mini hunt to find some interesting horror documentary style films, I stumbled upon this gem.

It begins with the Staten Island urban legend of Cropsey, who was believed to be an escaped mental patient who kidnapped children and lived in underground tunnels in the forest nearby the town.

The documentary is being filmed by Staten Island residents Barbara and Joshua, who have grown up with the legend of Cropsey. From here the case develops, as a series of missing children come to light from 30 years ago with many in the town saying Cropsey is responsible.

Enter Andre Rand, a mysterious man who worked at a local children’s hospital, who soon becomes prime suspect for the disappearances. A body is discovered in a shallow grave in the forest, and despite a lack of solid evidence Rand is sentenced to 25 years in prison for the kidnapping of the young girl whose body is found.

We are given many perspectives and options with regards to Rand’s motives for ‘allegedly’ committing the crime and many more on the island. Is he a devil worshipper? Was he feeding the children to a cult? Was he having sex with corpses? Or was he just plain crazy?

It’s a really fascinating piece with does pose more questions than answers, but also leaves an underlying creepy feeling which makes it even more compelling.


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