FILM REVIEW: Hellraiser: Revelations

If were all totally honest, we were never expected much of what is officially Hellraiser 9.

A rush release to maintain the copyright on the franchise name doesn’t do the series any favours either, with a confusing plot and lack of pacing throughout.

We also have a new Pinhead in the form of Stephan Smith Collins, with Doug Bradley having stepped aside due to the short notice of the project (apparently shot in just 2 weeks). Collins is actually one of the better additions as Pinhead does always get the best lines in these films, it’s just a shame they seem wasted here.

The story follows best friends Nico and Steve who travel to Mexico on a road trip, only to be given the lament configuration box by a mysterious tramp in a bar and once again open the gates of hell.

From here the film goes back and forth from the present day where Steve has re-appeared in his family home, with Nico still missing and the only evidence being a camcorder recording featuring the cenobites.

From here on out during its short 75 minute running time, the families of both must find out the truth about their trip and how Steve returned put of the blue as well as what the mysterious box is he brought back with him.

With regards to the series, it is a step up (a small one) from Hellworld, Deader and Inferno, but the series has so little credibility at this stage it may be best for all parties to let it rest for good.


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