Mayweather shows the power of Social Media

It’s the fight we all want to see, and this week Floyd Mayweather probably crashed the internet in various places around the world when he called out Manny Pacquaio on of all things, social media.

Floyd posted the same message on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, which he does run himself, challenging the Filipino six weight world champion to a contest on May 5th.

The undefeated American has been in the headlines a lot recently having been sent to jail for three months for admitting assault on his ex-girlfriend. This term was put back to June on request by Mayweather, leaving a tantilisingly close May 5th date available for the biggest fight in boxing for some time.

Ever since the David Haye-Wladimir Klitschko fight last summer proved a flop, fans of boxing have been craving the showdown of two of the finest operators in the past 20 years at the lower weights.

It’s a fantastic PR exercise by Mayweather and his team, who have now put the pressure on Manny to fight and on his terms; something they were never keen to do. All along Pacquaio when asked has said he wants the fight, but now it has a chance of happening it has all gone quiet from that side. Bob Arum is reportedly in his home country to discuss potential next opponents, and names such as Lamont Peterson and Juan Manuel Marquez (for the 4th time) regularly quoted. As a former promoter of Mayweather, Arum seems reluctant to do business with Floyd but now might have to bite the bullet to give the fans what they want.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the social media feeds from Mayweather’s accounts after his statement:

You can see from the likes and comments on Facebook, and the retweets on Twitter that this has sent a shockwave around the sport, and certainly triggered the casual punters interest in the fight and boxing again.

Over to you Mr. Pacquaio…..


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