Being a regular visitor to the site, I had seen the promotion for a film they had produced called Chop. The trailer intrigued me to give it a watch, plus the title was quite bold, sadly the film is not.

It tells the story of Lance, a man who has done some quite despicable things in his life, and is now paying for it as a mysterious man with an axe to grind (so to speak) takes his limbs for all his sins.

The plot is loose at best, with the actors doing their best with the limited characters, who convey neither hate or pity as none are given time to flesh out enough for you to care for them.

It is played out as a ‘horror comedy’ but fails miserably, and just when you think you are going to get the ultimate pay-off the ending is rushed and confusing at best and leaves too many unanswered questions for a film that didn’t pose too many to begin with.

Chop will be seen as light entertainment on a Saturday night, but I think it’s safe to say I will be watching something else; and I recommend you do the same.

Here’s the trailer:


One thought on “FILM REVIEW: Chop

  1. I hate the horror/comedy mix Paul and your review of Chop is spot-on. I see so many movies like this and this sounds like one more in the long lines of duds.

    I marked it down to avoid.

    Thanks Paul!

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