LAUGH OUT LOUD STOKE: Two out of three ain’t bad

Last night was my first time going to the Stoke leg of the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club, which runs across the country on a monthly basis. Having seen a couple of stand-ups last night I decided to give it a whirl, and see if I can ‘discover’ someone.

Comedy I feel works much the same as going to see bands; if you’re in the loop early doors you may get to go to the best shows before they disappear up their own arse or crash and burn. Anyways with a bit of cynicism out the way, it was a pretty good.

Originally billed as the headliner was Chris Ramsey, but he was replaced at the last minute due to corporate engagements by Dom Woodward. Admittedly I was little gutted not to have seen Ramsey, but Woodward stepped in and put a decent slot in. With his tales of impending marriage, mouthy school kids and the strangle people of Ramsbottom, he certainly hit the spot with the 170+ audience.

It did cross my mind during the interval, that it must be so difficult for these comedians to get all their best material into a half hour slot, but I suppose the best ones in time get it down to a fine art.

Next it was Moss Side’s very own Vince Atta, who by his own admission was baffled by modern day music and popular culture having been an old school raver in the 90s.

The highlight was some of his freestyle rapping to the heartbeat of his baby on the 12 week scan, as well as comparing his father to Howard from Halifax.

Although he did have one bizarre sketch regarding the little fish who nibble the dead skin off your feet.

Sadly the acts finished on a low with bizarrely dressed Mundo Jazz; who looked like he should be hosting a kids Pirates of the Caribbean party. When watching stand-up comedy, the one thing I think the performer should never do is lose his or her audience because usually there is no comeback.

I was minorly intrigued by what this strange looking man could come up with, but sadly I ended up with itchy feet as waded through a very painfully unfunny 30 minute set.

Overall the show was decent enough with MC Damien Larkin providing a few laughs in between sets.

I think I may have caught the bug, as I was already eyeing up a few of the slots in the coming months. Don’t believe me? Get yourself along to see for yourself, you can’t really go wrong for £15? Can you?

Here’s the dates for the shows throughout 2012 HERE.


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