FILM REVIEW: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

As my previous review of the hopeless Chop described, it is very hard to the genres of horror and comedy and come up with a blend that will please both parties. Much to my surprise Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, does manage to pull this off, with the message clearly from the outset that this is a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The performances of Alan Tudyk as Tucker and Tyler Labine as Dale really help to make the characters likeable without trying to fill in the gaps.

The premise is quite simple, the two pals are off to a cabin in the woods for a good old-fashioned get away, with fishing and just getting back to nature. In the same woods though, they are joined a bunch of young men and women who could easily have auditioned for a Friday the 13th film, considering their lack of intelligence and of course, sometimes clothes.

After one of the girls is injured after slipping off a rock at the lake, she is taken in by the pair, only to be mistaken by the teens for kidnappers and part of an urban legend about a killing spree many years ago.

This is where the film really finds its groove, with some freaky coincidences, bloody deaths, and either Tucker or Dale always in the firing line but seemingly guilty without lifting a finger.

The tables are turned in the final act as they become the hunted (having been deemed the hunters) by the teenagers and the motives of some become a lot clearer.

For a film that didn’t promise much, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil proves that the horror-comedy can be made, all you need is to know how to have fun with it, and of course don’t take it too seriously.


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