Another one of the post Halloween slashers, Hell Night actually manages to pulls itself around and become quite entertaining after an average first half.

The story follows a group of four students, who as part of their pledge to the sorority; must spend a night in the town’s supposedly haunted house. Obviously you can join the dots from here, which of course puts the group in certain danger.

According to the urban legend a father went crazy in the house and murdered his family, and is believed to still reside in the house.

There are many false scares early on, as the group are spooked by their fellow students’ tricks, including placing speakers around the house and making strange noises as well as a hologram ghost.

After the slow burning first segment, the film springs into life for a pulsating finale as the gang realise their not alone and whoever or whatever it is wants to kill them all.

There are some intense chase scenes as two of the group (including ‘star’ of the show Linda Blair) attempt to confront their attacker by following him through tunnels between the walls and down into the depth of the house’s basement and beyond.

The formula of the slasher film remains quite solid, but Hell Night manages to cover some fresh ground by incorporating the age old haunted house tale.


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